I can’t adult today – please don’t make me


Do you ever have those moments when you think “I can’t adult today”?

I’ve been adulting most of my life. I wasn’t overly fond of being a kid or a teen.

I think it’s why I never went to university. I didn’t want to wait any longer – I wanted to get on with being a grown-up.

I was intent on having all those grown-up things: a long-term relationship, a house, a high-flying career.

I was hopeless at irresponsibility. Late nights, drugs and spontaneity just weren’t my thang.

Sensible was my middle name.

But every now and then I falter: all the responsibility that comes with being an adult feels a bit overwhelming.

Taking care of kids, dogs, bills, career, housework … wow it’s relentless.

Especially when you’re doing it as a single mum.

In more troubled times I’d think to myself: “I wish I could have a nervous breakdown.”

Ridiculous – no one WANTS a nervous breakdown. It was more that a nervous breakdown would be something out of my control and mean not having to be strong and responsible.

These (happier) days I’ll sometimes think: “I want to run away!!!!!”

Not forever, but a week would be nice.

And I know this sounds terrible but it would be a week without kids, dogs, work, cooking, cleaning or WiFi access.

A week to just BE.

You know … lie in bed as long as I like (rather than struggle out at 6am because I’ve dropped my mobile phone while checking the time and it’s set the dogs off barking) … spend the whole day doing as little as possible.

And repeat for seven days.

Preferably somewhere warm and peaceful.

I might go mad with boredom – ironically, I’m not very good at doing nothing – but it would be nice to give it a try.

PS Speaking of responsibility, here’s a pic of the puppies post haircuts/operations (and me $500 poorer) …


And let me just say it again: don’t get dogs if you’re a single parent or about to become one. I know it’s tempting to think “They’ll be company!” But they’ll really just be another thing you have to worry about. And you have enough to worry about already. Much as I love my fur babies.

Song of the day: Otis Redding “Sitting on the dock of the bay”


9 thoughts on “I can’t adult today – please don’t make me

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  1. I agree It would be good to recharge the batteries! About the dog… my son (and I) really want one! All Mr.7 can talk about is wanting a “cute little black puppy” (I know they get bigger). Everything you say on the matter makes complete sense. But, I grew up with dogs in the house and I really want my son to have the same experience. We’re going to the Sydney Dog Lovers show tomorrow to check out breeds and more importantly, visit the “pat-a-pooch” area! We’ll be moving early next year (to Canberra – have decided on it!) so maybe once we’ve settled into our new place we’ll get the dog. We’ll see how we go.

    1. Wow, that’s exciting about the Canberra move. Great idea to give it a go. We must catch up before you leave. And as long as there are relatives or friends prepared to mind the dog (no one will mind my little terrors) you’ll be fine!

      1. Thanks Alana, I want to give it a go. And would love to catch up before I leave. Will keep you posted. Thanks for the doggy advice… will look before I leap!

  2. I’m having trouble adulting today because instead of celebrating The weekend by going to bed early like a responsible 43 year old would do, I drank a BOTTLE of wine, by myself, at HOME!!!
    So now I have to clean the house, do the washing and mark Trial HSC Exam papers whilst feeling like crap.

    1. I know the feeling. After being VERY good due to tummy bug I had four glasses of verdehlo last night. My poor head. And there’s a house to be cleaned today …

  3. Responsibility is a physical weight I find. And the constant carrying makes me tired. With no family I have no backup option either.
    But I do have a tip about dog hair cuts.
    I have dog clippers and do my 2 myself. It’s not too hard. YouTube instructions were great. I couldn’t afford $80 x2 each 6-8 weeks. The hair cuts may be a little more rustic but it just gives them more character, so says I. The dogs have never complained either.

    I agree about the cost but my two dogs are my sanity when I don’t have the kids.
    I love your blog and it has helped me so much.

    1. Hi Liz – thank you for the tip. I never thought about doing it myself. It’s a good idea because mine don’t have fancy haircuts, it’s mainly just shaved off! I’m glad my blog has helped you too. That fills my heart with joy.

  4. I can’t tell you just how many times in the last week that I’ve wanted to run away. I’m totally over being the only responsible one in a house full of adults. I even mentioned to my youngest that it would have been great if he and his girlfriend had been at her house this week while the other members of the household were away and he was a little horrified that I wouldn’t have had anyone to cook meals for. Like I enjoy cooking meals at the end of a long day?!! He was even more horrified that I would have made do with cereal for dinner because I wouldn’t be getting my veggies. I guess I’ve taught him something right.

  5. I remember at certain stages when my kids were being horrible in the car wishing I could do what Marge Simpson did and just stop in the middle of the traffic, slam the car door and walk off. Or on my way to work I’d just get the urge to keep driving up the highway to Cairns, change my name and join a commune. Life can be overwhelming. It does improve a tiny bit. A teeny tiny bit xx

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