Making plans for our big win


The youngest and I have been making plans for when we win the lottery.

Yes, yes, I know nine-year-olds aren’t supposed to gamble – the newsagent set me straight on that the other day after I sent my kid to buy a Scratchie – but playing with a plastic roulette wheel as a whippersnapper never did me any harm.

The youngest’s favourite afternoon activity is to scooter to the shops for a Scratchie and a chocolate finger (yes it really is called that) from the bakery.

We also like to pore over those win-a-house lotteries. We love examining the properties on the charity websites and fighting over who’d get each bedroom.

And we engage in long discussions over all the things we’d do if we won the lottery. The youngest wants a cruise on the ship with the dodgem cars. I told her about my fake pet shop idea – it looks like a pet shop but all the animals are toys – and she was totally into us opening one of those. She said she’d catch the bus to work there after … as long as she was allowed to scan things.

Well, of course!

I’ve also told her I want to move to the beach as soon as she finishes high school. She said that was cool, she’d love to move to the beach, which wasn’t entirely what I had in mind.

But it’s very sweet that she wants to live with me rather than moving into student digs with our elderly, incontinent dogs (which is entirely what I had in mind).

I check every day just so I’m market savvy when our lucky number comes up.

I’d love to decorate a beach house … I’d love to actually have the money to decorate a beach house. Even when I was a magazine editor with a high-powered husband there never seemed to be money for decorating.

Depending on how much I score in the lottery, I’d also like an apartment in West Village in New York. Nothing too fancy, something cosy like this would do …


I used to check the American property website every day too. I want something around the $1million mark that I can stay in for a month each year then offer to friends the other 11 months.

I think big.  It’s fun.

Where would you like a holiday house? 

Song of the day: Jack Johnson “Only the ocean”



4 thoughts on “Making plans for our big win

  1. I used to devour the Boystown Home Lottery brochures avidly, too, trying to decide whether or not to take the house or the gold bullion. Oh, and which very expensive “early-bird entry” car to pop into the garage…the Aston Martin or the Porsche? It’s a boy-thing! In fact, I think I used to have an automatic subscription for tickets.

    For the last (I can’t recall how many!) few years I have made an annual “donation” to the Royal Melbourne Hospital Home Lottery, with a one in 25 chance of winning a prize. I always reckoned those were reasonable odds but I have yet to win even a $50 Myer Voucher, let alone the $2.5million house in one of Melbourne’s leafy-green suburbs!

    And this year’s SECOND Lottery offer landed in my letterbox just this week…do I take the 3 for $250 deal or the whole shooting match for $500? Ahhhh, decisions, decisions!

    Better go and get that Tattslotto ticket for a win on Saturday so I can afford to buy the Home Lottery ticket package…😉

  2. I love how with these lotteries…there is always ‘someone’ you’ve heard of who has won one (like my cousin’s work colleague in QLD)…but you never ever actually meet anyone who has won. Where are they? Who are these winners? Why are they not on ACA.

    With lottery wins..I do this same thing constantly…but because I’m a bit sensible…I buy ‘fantasy’ investment properties. Ask me any state and I can tell you the ‘next big thing’ in booming suburbs. Meanwhile I live in possibly the most boring of northern beaches suburbs.

    I also look online at suburban newspapers in America and buy ‘fantasy’ houses..I like Carmel by the Sea as my dream US holiday home suburb and like the Modesto Bee for searching:

    Oh real estate…a topic I can talk and google all day long. I’m supposed to be working right now, but you have planted a seed for the morning sneaky googling.

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