I don’t want to jinx it, but …

I’ve started sleeping again without chemical assistance. I’m quite startled because it’s been a fairly traumatic week. That should mean hours of late night angst, but no, I’ve been snoozing peacefully until 6am.

Please let it last.

As for the trauma, well, it’s still haunting me (a little) during my waking hours. But I’m leaning towards irritation now rather than mortal wounding.

I am so hopeless at grudges.

It’s also helped that a dear, dear friend has been cheering me up with funny emails.

Of course, it could all unravel today during my appointment with the specialist. Please let there be some non-surgical solution to my little problem.

I’ve had enough of the shite stuff.

As the divine Brendan Gallagher of Karma County once crooned: “I want the good things. I want them now. I want the sweet things. Oh and how.”

Oh, and a date. A date would be nice. Know any single Sydney blokes who might fit the bill?

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