My unique streak of crazy

I had a blog post all ready to go at 7am, celebrating four years of blogging.

Then I realised I don’t reach that milestone for another month.


And then I was left with nothing.

DD suggested I write about having dinner with former colleagues last night. It was a blast: lots of laughter, memories and a surprisingly boring taleggio pasta.

There was also heaps of TMI discussion around the table that would make excellent blog fodder. But somehow I don’t think my friends would appreciate it being revealed to the world.

It’s hilarious the way some people fret about the blog like it’s some scary beast that’s going to attack them. They remind me of the kids who are terrified of my fur babies.

This little thing called HouseGoesHome isn’t going to hurt you.

People warn: “Careful! You might end up on the blog!”

You probably won’t. And if you do, I’ll try my very best to be gentle.

There are so many ways the blog could be used as a weapon, sure. And I’ve crossed the line a few times when it comes to my ex.

But I’ve ended up thinking: what sort of person does that make me? And how many friends will that keep me if they worry I’ll do the same to them?

The blog is therapy for ME and my unique streak of crazy … with a bit of dinosaur porn thrown in for good measure.

However, at times like this morning, when I struggle for a blog topic, I wonder … is that what Housegoeshome should be about?

Is it time to stop baring my soul and stick to baking or something?

What do you enjoy me writing about most?  

Song of the day: Carly Simon “You’re so vain”


15 thoughts on “My unique streak of crazy

  1. God no! The world does not need another baking blog! Jump from topic to topc, through in a bit of food (or dinosaur) porn and occasionally speculate about direction – but keep it as real as it is! Yours is the only blog I read religiously every morning (loathe the Monday to Friday crowd – it’s telling me that the weekends are to precious to spend time posting an even pre-written piece!). And yes,i was worried a couple of weeks ago! 😊

  2. If you just Blog recipes, I’m out…fat enough already! 😊
    Seriously, like Kaz, it’s one of the first things I look at in the mornings.
    Your mix of insight, humour, reality and personality is a delight to read and I can’t wait to read the next chapter!
    Three years and 11 months of gold, may it continue for at least another 3 years and 11 months! 👍

  3. I love your blog because it’s so fresh and honest. You present yourself as a real person. I know this is appalling but when I get stuck for things to write about I just drink some wine and let it all flow out.
    You aren’t surprised by that?
    Ernest Hemingway said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Maybe he didn’t and I just made that up but look at all those romantic poets! They were all drugged up on opium and absinthe. Even the artists were seeing spots! Not that I’m recommending getting drunk in the morning or anything.
    You are doing just fine darl! Keep doing what you’re doing xxx

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