It won’t be enough – it’s never enough

The poorly youngest entered her third day of couch surfing yesterday, so mumma worked from home again. It wasn’t a pretty sight. The Household’s single fan heater was trained on the patient as she watched tellie, while I sat shivering at the computer in the other room. Think two jumpers, my fuzzy leopard-print dressing gown […]

Bitter tears (and proud mumma videos)

My poor little girl was too sick to go to school yesterday and show off her ACT/NSW Rope Skipping Competition medals. Exhaustion and a head cold laid her low. She spent the day on the couch and cried bitter tears when told she wasn’t well enough to go to the premiere of Inside Out last […]

Winners and losers

I’ll build suspense by starting with the losers. Make that loser singular. Make that me. After an amazing weekend in Canberra watching the youngest compete at the NSW/ACT Skipping Championships, I was eager to be back on the road to Sydney. We desperately needed petrol, but the queue at the last petrol station on the […]

I’m not cut out to be a stage mum

I felt a bit sick yesterday – I was beside myself with nerves about the youngest competing at the NSW/ACT Skipping Championship … or whatever it’s called. I don’t know how the stage mums do it. The youngest, on the other hand, was totally zen about performing in front of hundreds of people. She thought […]

Skipping responsibility

There’s a tram outside my room. I’ve no idea what it’s doing parked in a hotel hallway, less than a metre from my door. It’s quite surreal. I’m in Canberra for the State Skipping Championships. The youngest is competing. She’s hyper with excitement about both the hotel room and the comp. She’s non plussed about […]

“You are beautiful”

I spotted these words scrawled on the wall near my hairdresser’s yesterday. They’re something we’re all supposed to believe about ourselves: Ra-ra go us! Add them to those famous lines from The Help: You is kind. You is smart. You is important … You is beautiful … inside or out or (if you’re a very rare individual) both. But I […]

Surprise news

My eyebrows shot up around my hairline earlier this week when the above image popped up on my Facebook feed. It was posted by my brother-in-law with the caption: “Weeks have passed, it’s been fun, time to add to the household …” He and my sister got married in March and all his friends went […]

Keeping my head above water

I felt a bit blah when I woke yesterday. I’m not loving the mornings I’m alone in the house. I like the bustle of filling school lunch bags and hustling tousled tweens out of bed. Without those distractions it’s just me and life’s big questions rattling around in my head. The smallest perceived slight will […]

House works from home (and it’s not pretty)

I worked from home yesterday. If I ever make a habit of it, my routine will need a few adjustments. I kicked off at 7am in my leopard-print flannelette jammies and matching fuzzy bathrobe, dashing off my first story of the day about the insane prices people are prepared to pay for limited edition Bonds […]