Bitter tears (and proud mumma videos)

My poor little girl was too sick to go to school yesterday and show off her ACT/NSW Rope Skipping Competition medals.

Exhaustion and a head cold laid her low.

She spent the day on the couch and cried bitter tears when told she wasn’t well enough to go to the premiere of Inside Out last night (I’d scored tickets to the red carpet event).

It was awful holding her while she sobbed (and sobbed), even though we knew it was mainly tiredness prompting the heartbreak.

So her dad promised he’d take Team Teal to see the movie on Sunday instead to celebrate their weekend wins. That cheered her up a bit … then she said she’d be even better if Dad agreed to watch Pitch Perfect with her while her big sister and I went to the movies.

Nope, you little schemer, that’s a bridge too far!

Speaking of medals, I’ve finally worked out how to upload a few videos to youTube.

Here’s her solo …

And her Double Dutch routine …

My filming was too dodgy on the Single Rope Freestyle quad routine, so I’ll spare you that one. My ex has suggested I turn the camera the other way for future filming. Noted …

As for Inside Out … the eldest was jazzed to walk the red carpet, sip free fizzy and eat free popcorn. She seemed to enjoy the movie too.

It was set inside the head of an 11-year-old girl (natch) and explored her emotions in a very clever way – giving each one a cartoon character.

Emotions and I have an uneasy relationship, so I was uncertain about the movie. Bit intense for me, which is a weird thing to say about an animated kids’ film.

I’m keen to hear what Team Teal think about it on Sunday.

Here’s a fun pic the eldest and I took in the photo booth …


Do you like kids’ movies?

Song of the day: Diana Ross “Inside out”






5 thoughts on “Bitter tears (and proud mumma videos)

  1. I do like some kids movies – it depends on the script. I think the Toy Story movies are wonderful with themes that both parents and kids can relate to (growing up, letting go, friendship, teamwork). I enjoyed Frozen and my girl germ-phobic son liked it too. I’m looking forward to seeing Inside Out for a friend’s son’s 7th birthday party in a couple of weeks. I’d be interested to hear what your younger daughter and friends think of it.

  2. Her solo had a distinct Babushka Russian flavour and the team work in the second video was very dramatic. I’m in awe of their fitness levels and co-ordination! As for the booth photos… you look about nineteen years old! I need to find that photo booth!

    • She’s like a piece of gristle … abs of steel! Very careful facial angling was required for those pics … the eldest wanted to know why I wasn’t pulling faces. No way, jose.

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