Don’t you forget about me


Remember how the youngest tried to wrangle a Pitch Perfect viewing with her dad yesterday?

It’s been a constant soundtrack in my life for WEEKS.

She’s DESPERATE to see Pitch Perfect 2. ALL her friends have seen it.

It’s a cruel and unusual punishment that she’s the only kid in the WHOLE WORLD who’s been denied a chance to see Pitch Perfect 2.

But the eldest is insistent that it’s NOT SUITABLE.

And not because there’s violence. There are …. “sexual themes” and “coarse language.”

It’s weird having an 11-year-old as your fun police.

Anyways, after the youngest sobbed in my arms because she was too sick to go to the premiere of Inside Out, I may have tried to bribe her happiness with a copy of Pitch Perfect on DVD.

Nup, no dice. She said pffft, give it away if it was a choice between that and the red carpet.

But I felt so sorry for my poor, snotty Pook yesterday afternoon that I offered up curried sausages, roti and a Pitch Perfect viewing last night.

Life doesn’t get much better on a rainy Tuesday for a sick nine-year-old … or a tired 47-year-old for that matter.

I am such a sook in my old age – I was glassy-eyed through vast swathes of the flick.

And the MEMORIES … The spunky leading man in the flick is a huge fan of The Breakfast Club.

THE BREAKFAST CLUB, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, 1985. ©Universal Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Oh, The Breakfast Club! I must have gone to the Tower Cinemas on King Street in Newie at least 10 times to see that movie.

I loooooooooooved The Breakfast Club. So many teenage feels.

But back to Pitch Perfect. I wasn’t expecting to like the movie. It really hadn’t registered on my popular culture radar. Admittedly, my popular culture radar needs a service …

But I totally loved it. And it wasn’t nearly as rude and inappropriate as I’d feared.

I was especially nervous after clocking the contract Glenon at Momastery made her son sign before he was allowed to watch Pitch Perfect 2.

Take a look …


As Kidspot notes “Does this note suck the fun out of being a kid?”

Um, yes, I think it might.

So, after being all wowser about there being no way my nine-year-old was watching Pitch Perfect 2, I think the kids and I will be renting a copy of the movie when it comes out on DVD.

And I’ll just ignore any awkward questions the youngest asks, just like I did when she wondered during Pitch Perfect: “What’s a ‘toner’?”

Erm, because the answer is “a musical boner.”

Can. Of. Worms.

Song of the day: Simple Minds “Don’t you forget about me” (with The Breakfast Club bits)

And the official version





8 thoughts on “Don’t you forget about me

  1. My two – Boy (10), Girl (9) – watched Pitch Perfect on rental then went to PP2 in the movie theatre. I don’t think there was anything inappropriate compared to what they discuss with friends at school. Don’t cramp their style.

  2. How about no to PP2 because it is utter dross? (I like the critique exercise, by the way) And for the record I hated Breakfast Club. Everyone else is accepted as they are but the goth has to change her look? Bleah.

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