I’m not cut out to be a stage mum

I felt a bit sick yesterday – I was beside myself with nerves about the youngest competing at the NSW/ACT Skipping Championship … or whatever it’s called.

I don’t know how the stage mums do it.

The youngest, on the other hand, was totally zen about performing in front of hundreds of people.

She thought it was bulk fun.

And she was awesome.

The girls watching their coach compete.

The girls watching their coach compete.

I was so proud of her. She scored personal best tallies in the 30 second and 60 second speed skipping. I was a little freaked by all the older kids crying in pain after the three-minute speed trials …

Her solo routine was close to perfect, but not tizzy enough to get her into the top three. No backflips or mule kicks. I’ll share my wobbly camera work at a later date.

I can’t say nine hours in a chilly Canberra school hall is my favourite way to spend a Saturday, but I took one for the team. And fellow school mums Fee and Liza were kind enough to ply me with peppermint tea and nutty vegan bites and lolly snakes all day, not to mention listening patiently to all my woes.

And then there were those two hours of my life I’ll never get back that I spent doing “data entry.” My head got quite hurty calculating all those final scores for presentation and difficulty and backflip ratios.


At least I wasn’t on speed skipping judging duty. The kids were racking up hundreds of jumps and it looked like RSI city trying to count them all with a clicker.

The youngest walked away medal-less (although one of her besties scored gold as State Speed Skipping champ for her age … Go Aggie!) but she had a blast. And I’ve decided competitive skipping is pretty damn good on the scale of sports for kids. There was a lovely atmosphere in the hall, it’s also an amazing way to keep fit … And I just won’t think about those whispered tales of shin fractures …

We’re back today at 8am for the double Dutch section and I can’t wait. Going by the snippets I’ve seen in training it’s going to be freaking awesome.

How’s your Sunday looking?









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