Skipping responsibility

There’s a tram outside my room.

I’ve no idea what it’s doing parked in a hotel hallway, less than a metre from my door. It’s quite surreal.

I’m in Canberra for the State Skipping Championships. The youngest is competing. She’s hyper with excitement about both the hotel room and the comp.


She’s non plussed about the tram. It barely warranted a glance as she giddily wheeled her luggage along the corridor.

Kids are funny – you’d think we were staying at the Taj Mahal she’s so buzzed by the six pillows on her bed and the bar fridge.

A massive vintage tram? Wot-eva … check out the little packets of milk in the fridge mum!

I picked the girls up from school at lunch time yesterday and we tooled down the highway chitter-chattering and bopping to Tom Jones on the car stereo.

The eldest sat in the front with me – much to the youngest’s consternation – because one of the seat belts in the back of my ancient car is busted. I’m a bit terrified about what happens when the whole car gets busted, which can’t be far off since it kept making car-horn-like noises at regular intervals during the trip.

I’d forgotten how long it takes to drive from Sydney to Canberra. I’d also forgotten there are no fast food outlets enroute between my house and about 30km out of Goulburn (?!?) so I murdered that cheeseburger when I finally got my hands on it at 3pm.

My lovely mate Glen is dog sitting for me. When he called for final instructions I confessed Bilbo is having mental health issues – he refuses to come up the back stairs and just sits outside crying. When you go outside to get him, he runs away. It’s … challenging …

Good luck, Glen, you’ll need it.

Today, the youngest is competing in her individual events. Tomorrow it’s group events, including double Dutch. She’ll be shattered by the time we hit the road at 4pm on Sunday – I get tired just watching her practice.

Here’s a video of my Pook performing last year – she scored the State under 9s pairs champion medal … Skite, skite (let’s just gloss over the fact there were only about five pairs in her category) …

Nawww … They were sooooooo cute.

I’ll let you know how she goes this time around. I expect under 10s quads will be a much tougher gig.

Keep your fingers crossed for her and have a great weekend. Got anything fun planned?

Song of the day: Malcolm McClaren “Double Dutch”


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