Surprise news


My eyebrows shot up around my hairline earlier this week when the above image popped up on my Facebook feed. It was posted by my brother-in-law with the caption: “Weeks have passed, it’s been fun, time to add to the household …”

He and my sister got married in March and all his friends went berserk with “congratulations!” comments.

But I was hesitant … surely my sister would have told me she was pregnant BEFORE her husband put the ultrasound picture on Facebook …

I called my mum to ask if she’d heard anything about my sister being pregnant and she was like “Huh, what??? WHAT????”

So I stared at that ultrasound again, long and hard, and thought hmmmm, I’m not sure that’s a human ultrasound.

But still the joyful messages kept flooding onto my brother-in-law’s Facebook page:

“Congratulations mate !! I’m glad it still works !!”

“Oh wow! Very exciting! Congratulations! xx”

“Exciting. Well done old fox.”

“Oh that’s so exciting. Congratulations. Will pass on the message to mum and dad.”

And I thought hmmmm, I’m sure they’ve been contemplating getting another schnauzer. Is that a SCHNAUZER foetus? 

So I sent my sister a message saying: “I hope that’s a schnauzer foetus.”

And she confirmed that yes, her naughty husband had been playing everyone.

Soon after, DD belatedly texted me to say: “Looks like your sister is pregnant.”

And I replied: “With a schnauzer.”

I got a “??” response.

My girlfriend’s sister is pregnant with a dog? 

Finally my naughty brother-in-law – at my sister’s urging – confessed to the ruse with this adorable pic on Facebook, captioned: “Delivery complete….meet Archie, the mini schnauzer.”


To which one of his friends replied: “Strange – the ultrasound looks just like you.”


I can’t wait to meet Archie. I’m sure I’ll get all excited aunty – like Pinky Poinker did in her latest “Doggy Style” post – when I cuddle the new addition to the family.

And then I’ll give my brother-in-law a clip on the ear.

Song of the day: John Lennon “Beautiful boy”






4 thoughts on “Surprise news

  1. Uhoh…ANOTHER puppy to blog about! 😆

    I love Schnauzers though…we had a salt ‘n pepper miniature named Karl in our family.

    He was a smart dog, had boundless energy, didn’t shed hair and didn’t smell doggy!

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