Leave him alone


Saying mean things doesn’t count if you do it on social media.


There can be no other explanation for the terrible comments I read on-line every day.

I hate hurting people. I avoid verbal stoushes because I don’t like the weaponry fired in the heat of the moment.

Too many ugly words have been seared into my brain forever.

I always ask myself: “How would I feel if someone said that about me?”

And, if it would make me feel bad to be on the receiving end, I (usually) don’t say it.

I screw up sometimes – we all do.

Last week, I laughed at some stuff people said and felt a bit uncomfortable afterwards.

Isn’t it one short step removed from saying it yourself? Isn’t condoning mean things just as wrong as saying them?

My unease started with a story about Gabi Grecko suffering morning sickness after falling pregnant to Geoffrey Edelsten.

One commenter said: “I’m pretty sure she’s feeling sick because she had sex with a mouldy potato. How could you do it & live with yourself?”

I confess I burst out laughing … and 707 people went on to “like” the comment.

Then I thought – sure, Geoffrey is an easy target, but does that make it OK to be mean about his looks?

I felt the same way on Saturday when the news broke that James Packer was dating Mariah Carey.

Comments included:

“James packer is so gross …. His money still doesn’t make him anymore attractive.”

“This guy really must have a chocolate flavored doodle, coz honestly I couldn’t wake up to that every morning no matter how much coin he has!”

“That poor man looks more and more like his father with every passing day…”

Again, I sniggered at the doodle remark and the suggestion from another woman that the prospect of shagging James would be even better if his chocolate flavoured doodle “ejaculates champagne.”

But then I felt sad.

Imagine James Packer reading those remarks? Are we not supposed to care about his feelings because he’s rich and powerful? I don’t get that. Why does someone having lots of money make it OK to be nasty about them?

The Sharpest Pencil asked recently: “Where does the humanity end and where does the celebrity start? What makes it okay to hate on someone who is a celebrity simply because we recognise their faces from a movie or a catwalk?”

Or because we’re JEALOUS that someone is a squillionaire.

I have skin in the game. I met James a couple of times during my mag hag days and he seemed genuinely nice. It colours my guilt a little.

I also wonder if his pursuit of attractive women isn’t just about flaunting his power but also about self-esteem – trying NOT to believe the merry discussion about his ugliness.

Imagine constantly hearing and reading that the mere thought of shagging you makes people go “ewwwww”?

I would NOT like to hear that once about myself.

Would you?

Song of the day: Crowded House “Mean to me”




11 thoughts on “Leave him alone

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  1. Whatever happened to not doing to others things you wouldn’t want done to yourself? That’s how I was brought up and that’s how I’ve tried to bring my kids up. Kindness and consideration seems to be such a rare commodity in today’s society.

  2. I agree, we shouldn’t be mean about other people’s appearances, but Packer’s disregard for others (look no further than the casino proposal on PUBLIC LAND at Barangaroo that our corrupt pollies leapt upon) sets himself up for brickbats and disapprobation. I don’t know that it is so much the looks (which is easier to target when you are angry with someone) as the attitude that makes him so unappealing to the general public. He exudes an “I can do what I like” attitude. Sorry, but I can’t say or think “poor James”. Poor James my arse.

    1. I don’t think “poor James” so much as how hurtful it must be for people to constantly and publicly say you’re ugly. And I don’t think anger is what provokes it.

  3. I think that no matter how rich or powerful someone is, it’s no excuse to be mean about their appearance, or any aspect of their personal lives. James has money, so yes, he has power, and that’s just the way the world works (and I note that the Packer family has done a lot for our economy and a lot of philanthropic work), but James is still a human being who has endured sadness and pain in life, like we all have. I call for some manners and respect from people on social media. I wish James and Mariah well.

    1. I ran into him in the corridor a few days after his dad died – he looked pretty rough then. I don’t think Mariah is the key to happiness though, she’s a diva.

      1. Yes, I guess you’re right about Mariah. She seems like a diva. I guess I was caught up in the idealistic romance of it all… It may go the same way as Shurley. Remember them?

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