If you really cared

I am very disappointed with certain American middle-aged men right now. Twenty-five of them in Alabama’s state senate - which only has three women - have just passed a bill that outlaws abortion, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancy. The measure contains no exception for rape and incest... Continue Reading →

Moving on

Broken marriages are bloody awful things. Telling your kids that mum and dad are separating is a terrible grenade to throw into their lives. And then there's the toll it takes on you. It's a shocker all round. But you know what helps? Damage control. And moving on. Damage control means not slagging off your... Continue Reading →

Mother lode

I was terrified when I discovered I was pregnant 16 years ago. I'd given myself until I turned 35 to decide whether I wanted children. I still wasn't sure, but thought I'd better give it a go before my fertility packed it in. When I was about six weeks pregnant, my boss announced - over... Continue Reading →

We all grew strong

A wonderful thing has happened: my friend Jodie finally got to hug her son after a four-year separation. Jodie has been living in Jordan for the past 18 months, fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband in the Islamic law courts. "Court in Australia is intimidating, well, multiply that by a hundred," she told Nine... Continue Reading →

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