Party in my pocket

I spent all my birthday gift cards yesterday. It was such delirious fun for a woman looking down the barrel of a $12,000 bill for her child's nasal surgery and braces. Free money that can only be spent at Westfield! The cards were sacrificed at the altar of Witchery. I'm now a Silver Member, which... Continue Reading →

Raise a democracy sausage to him

I cried when DD told me Bob Hawke had died. We're on different sides of the political fence, but DD agreed Bob was an amazing man. Bob predicted in December that Labor would win the next election, but didn’t think he would be around to see it. “I’ve had my time,” the former prime minister said.... Continue Reading →

If you really cared

I am very disappointed with certain American middle-aged men right now. Twenty-five of them in Alabama’s state senate - which only has three women - have just passed a bill that outlaws abortion, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancy. The measure contains no exception for rape and incest... Continue Reading →

Moving on

Broken marriages are bloody awful things. Telling your kids that mum and dad are separating is a terrible grenade to throw into their lives. And then there's the toll it takes on you. It's a shocker all round. But you know what helps? Damage control. And moving on. Damage control means not slagging off your... Continue Reading →

Mother lode

I was terrified when I discovered I was pregnant 16 years ago. I'd given myself until I turned 35 to decide whether I wanted children. I still wasn't sure, but thought I'd better give it a go before my fertility packed it in. When I was about six weeks pregnant, my boss announced - over... Continue Reading →

We all grew strong

A wonderful thing has happened: my friend Jodie finally got to hug her son after a four-year separation. Jodie has been living in Jordan for the past 18 months, fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband in the Islamic law courts. "Court in Australia is intimidating, well, multiply that by a hundred," she told Nine... Continue Reading →

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