I don’t want to go …

(That’s a Doctor Who reference for the uninitiated. You really need to get initiated – it’s almost as awesome as Kingscliff.) We are leaving paradise this morning. And I am sad. We will be back for longer next time. Ten days at least. It is GORGEOUS here, and peaceful (well, some sad would-be hoons tried […]

Not dead, just knackered

Tempting as it was to park ourselves at Mantra Salt and not leave its Truman Show-like surrounds again for seven days, we decided an expedition was in order. We mentioned to Brisbane-based friends that we were considering Currumbin Wildlife Santuary and they recoiled in horror, suggesting we check out the baby polar bear at Sea […]

When Kathy met Alan (Jones) … In jail

After a decade of bone-crushing isolation and fear inside her cell at Silverwater Jail, there have finally been tantalizing glimmers of hope for my former school friend Kathleen Folbigg … and those who feel she didn’t receive a fail trial when she was convicted of murdering three of her children and the manslaughter of a […]

I see dead things

I’ve joked to Husband that the youngest and I should be sharing the king-sized bed while on hols, so he can burn the midnight candle and snooze until 9am in a matching single with his sleep doppleganger (aka the 10-year-old). Each morning, the 7-year-old and I rise before 6.30am and creep noisily around the apartment […]

Hello stranger

I’m not one for fussing. The mere idea of most beauty treatments fills me with horror at the waste of time and money involved. But I’m rather partial to a pedicure. My feet, before they became cracked and old, were one of my favourite features – high arches, long toes, proper nails, even on the […]

News flash: I may be chilling out

How gorgeous is this photo I took yesterday at Salt Beach? I am in love with the place. And I don’t know whether its because melatonin tablets are the miracle answer to my insomnia or whether I’m actually relaxing but I’ve been sleeping like a baby since arriving in Kingscliff. Ahhhh … I’m so seduced […]

I’m in heaven

I wrote on Facebook yesterday “We’ve arrived!” and my friend Steve wanted to know “where?” I wasn’t trying to be elusive, I still haven’t quite got the hang of all the functions on my phone, so I couldn’t work out how to automatically reveal my location, gave up and pressed send. But I decided the […]

The kindness of others (particularly Glen)

I handed a 10-page document to a lovely, bewildered bloke called Glen yesterday. It explained in minute detail how to care for my menagerie of pets. Unsurprisingly, he called me in the afternoon as I lay on a banana lounge poolside on my holiday to clarify a few things. He couldn’t quite believe, for example, […]

My fave moments from Golden Globes 2014

I love the Golden Globes, so much more fun than those stuffy Oscars. And while there were a few that griped this year’s awards weren’t as eventful as previous years, all were in agreement that hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler won the night. Benjamin Law summed it up: “Watching the Tina Fey and Amy […]