What would you do?

The youngest and I were walking the dog yesterday morning when we stumbled across the most amazing/horrifying thing.

We have form in this area (I See Dead Things), so I was a little worried about how the youngest would handle it, but she was merely curious.

OK … as we were walking past a house I noticed two very vigilant cats poised in the front yard, staring up at something with rapt fascination and slowly swishing their tails.

I followed their gaze and saw a mouse perched on its back legs on the back of a chair – just out of their reach – tail outstretched and trembling.

And I was transfixed … I didn’t know what to do.

Did I let nature take its course? Or should I rescue the mouse?

The mouse looked so, so scared. But it’s a pest. I can’t think the owners of the house would welcome the little bugger being set free to explore their pantry.

Then there was the small matter of me needing to trespass on their front lawn to rescue it.

So I took a deep breath and kept walking. And ruminated. And fretted. And still couldn’t decide whether I’d done the right thing.

On our return loop, the mouse was gone from the chair, but the cats still looked vigilant. This time their gaze was focussed on a palm tree. I couldn’t see the mouse, but perhaps it was still game on …

What would you have done?

PS I wish I’d had a camera, it really was the most amazing vignette. But I didn’t. So you’ll have do make do with a Google searched pic (above) of a precarious mouse.

2 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. Yesterday I took kids to the park and saw a similar situation. A bully male duck kept after a female pecking her head until it was bloody. We kept shooing it away, but he kept coming back to the same female, sometimes holding her underwater. It was very disturbing. About the mouse and the cats, I might have let nature take its course.

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