The birthday grinch

I was soooooo grumpy yesterday. Completely the wrong mood for celebrating my birthday.

It didn’t help that I started work at the crack of dawn and went like the clappers until bolting to school pick-up. I was so frantic I completely forgot I’d left my car parked in a one-hour zone around the corner from the office until six hours later.

Cue $104 parking fine. Ouch.

So many lovely people rang or left birthday messages and there was no time to enjoy them. The few people who raised me on the phone got brief, panicked, breathless exchanges. And I was VERY terse with the St George lass who rang to say my credit card was overdrawn.

After school, I raced the kids over to swimming lessons – reminding them not to fight because it was their mum’s birthday and what she really wanted for a present … other than that lovely Athlete’s Foot gift card, thank you sweethearts … was for her daughters to GET ALONG – then ducked to the local two-dollar shop to buy a new mobile phone charger because I’d left my only one at work in my frenetic dash for the door.


Then we raced to dinner at a new local restaurant that I belatedly discovered DOESN’T HAVE IT’S LIQUOR LICENCE YET (just all these lovely bottles of wine taunting me from the shelf that they’re not allowed to open).

My day really required a liquor licence.

It also could have done without the eldest leaving her homework at her dad’s … where we had to traipse after dinner and make idle chit-chat while she ferreted about … only for me to discover virtually none of the homework had been done … despite it being due this morning.

(9pm really isn’t a great time to be discussing fractions. And I’m no use anyway, I completely screwed up last week’s maths homework by advising her that when a number was to the power of two you multiple it by two … er,  no, you don’t. She’d written all the answers in pen, too. Ooooh did I get a dirty look for that mistake.)


Those are shimmer-covered Maltesers on the cake …

DD had left a birthday cake in the fridge for me, bless him, so I lit some candles when we finally got home and was beautifully serenaded, blew them out and made a happily-ever-after wish.

But perhaps I should have made a relaxed-ever-after wish instead.

Relaxed ever after would be very nice.

Excuse me while I go and apologise to everyone for being such a birthday grinch …

Song of the day: U2 “Breathe”

6 thoughts on “The birthday grinch

  1. All birthdays should be able to be postponed to non-work days so you have at least a fighting chance of enjoying them. At least you got cake.

  2. A restaurant without a liquor licence? What is this strange thing you speak of? I would have left quick smart. There would have just been a little cloud of dust left in my wake and the echo of my expletives. I’m glad my birthday is in the holidays. Never mind. I hope today was better 🙂

    • I wanted to retreat to the Lebanese place up the road (with a bottle shop next door), but DD said we should stay because the kids were keen on the burgers and ribs menu. Sigh. Do you think my disappointment at lack of alcoholic refreshment is a bad sign?

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