Exchanging war stories


I’ve mentioned my teeny tiny world before … like the time I ran up the back of a school dad’s car on the Sydney Harbour Bridge …

And it just keeps contracting.

I met a lovely fellow blogger last night called Alex. You can find her at Alexcellent. We’ve been chatting via HouseGoesHome’s comment section for yonks, so it felt long overdue that we catch up in person.

And it turns out our paths have been crossing for years.

We both used to write for Looks magazine … remember it? She also worked with my lovely dogsitter, Glen.


Alex and I sipped wine and vodka lime and soda at The Slip Inn and supped on chorizo quesadillas as we exchanged war stories.

It’s funny how you can reveal so much about yourself on your blog and still have so many things to tell each other face to face.

What you read is only half the story, the truths we are prepared to reveal.

It’s hard to believe, but there’s more drama in my life than I blog about.

DD asked my mum if my life is always this crazy and her reply was an anecdote about the time the Highway 61 motorcycle gang decided to establish its new clubhouse over my back fence.

I’d been trying to convince him my recent mad life was just that … recent … but after he heard that story he nodded and said: “OK, so the answer is yes.”

Alright, alright, it’s always been a bit eventful. But it’s time for a change.

Bring on the peaceful years. Long shall they reign.

Song of the day: Simple Minds “All the things she said”

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  1. Oh Alana, it was wonderful to meet in person and exchange our stories. I love the spooky co-incidences. And thanks for the shout-out about my blog; much appreciated. I really need to post something again soon before the tumbleweeds take over! I know there’s often more behind a blog post, and you don’t have to say it all. But what you do write is honest and authentic and I think a lot of people relate to your words and the feelings conveyed by them, which is very helpful to many. I would like to write more from the heart – I don’t find it easy putting it out there. You are very inspiring.

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