More wedding bliss


I was a bit too overwhelmed yesterday to express myself properly. Sooooo not like me.

But it’s a lot to take in: my sister getting married again.

I mean, I knew her “housewarming” was actually a surprise wedding. I’d even had a preview of her amazing gown. But to actually watch it unfold and see the tears in so many eyes …

I’m stoked that two people can find each other – the modern way, on the internet – and fall in love and not be too gun-shy of marriage to embrace it a second time around.

How cool is that?

And I’m incredibly happy for my sister and her new husband. They radiated such joy on Saturday night.

My sister looked so gorgeous in her Anthea Crawford gown and her glamour hairdo and Hollywood eye make-up.

Her home was filled with laughter and love … and yummy canapes …

photo 2 (7)

And a wedding cake just as simple and lovely as the night itself …


Oh, and here’s the ring bearer delivering his precious cargo …


My sister is on a very different part of her journey to me. So when my mum started speculating on Sunday morning about ME getting married again, my breathing went all funny.

I’m still married. It didn’t work out so well. I will be a very, very long time before I even THINK about doing it again. And even then I mightn’t be too keen.

We haven’t even engaged lawyers at 50 paces. THAT’S all still ahead of me. Eeeeeek.

But it’s comforting to know that divorce doesn’t mean you’re permanently broken. Hearts heal. Trust is restored. Life doesn’t just go on, it gets better.


PS I suppose I should share a photo of me from the night. My role – ironically – was to inform everyone they weren’t allowed to share the happy news on social media until the bride and groom had.

I was also little rattled by this photo because it was like my grandmother had decided to go to the wedding instead of me. And I don’t mean that I looked oooooold. Though I am getting long in the tooth. I just looked so much like her. Spooky.

Song of the day:  Steve Winwood “Back in the high life again” (and “Higher Love”)

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  1. oh how very lovely! i’ve never seen calla lillies used in a wedding- only in funerals 🙂 she has unique tastes ☺️

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