My week: a surprise wedding

I am very, very bad at keeping secrets. But there’s been a biggie loitering behind the scenes.

A wedding.

My sister drew family and a few friends together for a “housewarming” last night that was actually her nuptials. And it was so lovely.

Here are a couple pics of the happy couple …



Don’t they look blissed out?

There were lots of yummy canapes, a giant ham and rolls later in the evening, oodles of champagne, their dog was ring-bearer, the groomsman’s name was drawn out of a hat, and my dad decided that he wasn’t going to give the bride away because she looked so beautiful, but he finally relented.

I wish them both a wonderful life together and hope to celebrate it with them frequently in their wonderful new house … especially in their fabbo spa … with lots more champagne.

As the festivities swirled around us, the television flickered in the lounge room, playing out the NSW election results. I snuck to the sofa to discover that the kids’ aunty had won her seat – with a big swing – and is now a member of parliament.

Congratulations to her as well!

How’s that for a huge evening?

I’m still a bit overwhelmed by it all, as I sit here typing in the early morning light, hoping the youngest sleeps in. We finally wobbled home around 11pm last night and she’s got a massive day ahead – an ice skating party and 90 minutes of speed skipping training. I need a nice lie down just thinking about it, but I had to let the dogs out for a wee.

As for the rest of my week, it kinda pales in comparison to the kaboom moments of last night.

Over at Housegoeshome …

photo 2 (6)

>> On Monday I blogged the Pool Party Fun of the youngest’s 9th birthday extravaganza.

>> On Tuesday I got excited about fresh mangoes soaked in vodka … and flashed back to the youngest’s 8th birthday extravaganza, in a post called Hostess With the Mostess.

>> On Wednesday it was time for 7 Annoying Things About Being 47 (and yummy taco salad), including having more pimples than a 14-year-old. Any tips on WHY I have pizza face would be greatly appreciated.

>> On Thursday I baked my ex a birthday cake and I didn’t spit in the batter or hide a toenail in it. This is why. 

>> On Friday I blogged 5 Ways To Turn Leftovers Into Risotto.

>> And on Saturday I noted how much Friday night distances itself from being party time (remember after-work drinks?) when you have kids.

Meanwhile at Kidspot …

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>> Woman charged with assault for squirting breast milk. 

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>> Would you enrol in an adults-only preschool – run by this woman – to find your inner child? >>

How was your week?

Song of the day: ABBA “I do, I do, I do”

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  1. Congratulations to everyone concerned! Especially to you Alana…you must have been fit to burst keeping THAT a secret! 🙂

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