My week: The festival of the birthday

The birthday girls preparing to blow out their candles.

I was spoilt completely and totally rotten last week.

Tattinger at my place, pink bubbles at Orbit, birthday cake and burgers on the day, a family celebration on Friday at my sister’s with Verve in the spa, lots of lovely gifts …

I was also lucky enough to score two sweet shout-outs for HouseGoesHome this week.

The first was from Pinky Poinker, who wrote the nicest things, such as: “I’ve read Alana’s blog for years now and it’s one I absolutely adore.”

The second was from Rebecca at We Are Scout who described my blog as “hilarious and brutally honest.”

Gawd, I haven’t been hilarious lately, just brutally honest. Better work on getting that balance right. Unfortunately, most of my recent funny stories have been too embarrassing to tell. Pity, because some of them are absolute CORKERS.

Although it IS funny how small the world can be, for example when your mum meets his mum and they realise they gave birth at the same hospital – the Waratah Mater Misericordiae – and Dr Murray Pryor had a hand … quite literally … in both pregnancies.

Hello? HELLO?

That’s. Just. Too. Freaky.

Don’t you reckon?

I just can’t think about it. My brain might explode from the sheer WTFedness of it …

Anyways, today is the youngest’s birthday (get the lowdown on my adorable little kewpie doll in a post I wrote last year called Happy Birthday Pook), she’s turning 9 and we’re having a pool party. Please let the weather clear up …

The youngest, bless her, just wandered out all tousle-haired and wasn’t the least bit perturbed by the weather: “It’s fun swimming in the rain,” she chirped.

My lovely friend Alice has loaned me her pool for the day and the youngest and I spent yesterday afternoon whipping up aquatic-themed treats.

There were a few deeply traumatic moments, such as when I didn’t heat the candy to the required 390 degrees so my blue thong lollipops didn’t set. Mummy got a little tense at that point.

I’ll share all the fun pics tomorrow.

Meanwhile, last week at HouseGoesHome …

FullSizeRender (23)

>> On Monday, I revealed I was installing a trapeze above the bed.

>> On Tuesday, I blogged about my wish for pink bubbles with a view coming true.

>> On Wednesday, I confessed to being a birthday grinch.

>> On Thursday, things got heavy.

>> On Friday, I had a What do I do with my life? panic.

>> And on Saturday, I marvelled at my 11-year-old giant.

Over at Kidspot …

>> We never thought photos of a magpie could make us go “naaaaawwww” … you? Meet the boy whose best friend has feathers >>

>> Michael Douglas’ son was the victim of a religious attack.  The actor reveals the terrible lesson he wishes his children didn’t have to learn >>

>> The teen forced to have chemo and banned from seeing her mum >>


>> It was Mother’s Day in the UK and here are some cool pics the celebs posted on social media. I love the photograph of Princess Kate on the set of Downton Abbey – the caption on it is priceless! What’s your favourite? >>

How was your week?

Song of the day: Katy Perry “Birthday” (mainly for the cute clip)

4 thoughts on “My week: The festival of the birthday

Add yours

    1. Pinky, I think you are too hard on your swimsuit self … you looked fab drawing my name out of the champagne bucket. (It IS totally freaky isn’t it!!! Ah, fate!)

  1. Many Happy Returns for the 9 year old Sprog! And I’m sending positive vibes for a sunshiney Sydney, today.
    The Mater coincidence is a cracker, especially the Doc having a hand in BOTH, errr, episodes!!
    Oh, and like Pinky says, looking fabulous, both of you!

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