Bedroom secrets


Finally, another jooshing reveal … or “zhuzhing” as a friend insists it’s spelled. Sounds more like a Chinese city to me …

And this time it’s the master bedroom. Ooo-er! Let me show you around …


I went a little crazy over Morocco many moons ago … bought the Lonely Planet guide, invested in exotic coffee table books, had my heart set on a visit to a Marrakesh bazaar, surfed the net for fabulous holiday houses at Essaouira …

The romance ebbed a little when a friend came back from a holiday and regaled me with tales of the amoebic dysentry she picked up.

Then I saw Babel on a plane trip and was HORRIFIED. The idea of taking a bullet in the middle of nowhere with no access to medical attention or pain relief – even with Brad Pitt as my attentive husband – filled me with absolute terror.

No more Moroccan holiday fantasies for me, but my soft spot for Moroccan homewares remained. Over the years I’ve collected a few exotic bits and bobs, and many have found their way into the master bedroom.

None of which have anything to do with the master bed. Confession: it’s a $299 pleather number from Fantastic Furniture. I’m proud to say I built it myself. So any horizontal action will have to be carried out very, very gingerly …

I got the pleather wonderbed after off-loading our dodgy old IKEA bed to Husband when he moved out. I’d spent most of 2013 with a completely frozen neck and shoulder (geez it was an awesome year) and within a week of saying sayonara my neck and shoulder were cured.

The bedspread is another bargain number – I picked it up on sale at Target.

The Indian cushions … can’t remember where I got them … a homewares shop in Rozelle, I think.

As for the photograph above the bed, we scored it at a fundraiser for an art gallery. It was taken by the dad of a dear friend. We bought it a week prior to moving to New York and promptly forgot to collect it. Fortunately my friend kept an eye on it until we returned.


The Moroccan beside tables are from a place called Mr Brassman at Balmoral. Husband bought them as a birthday gift, I think, a couple of years back.  I picked up the bedside lamps half price a few months back to replace the ones the bunnies chewed to bits.


The Moroccan light was a wedding gift. It’s been an exclusion from the contents of our last three homes as we’ve transferred it around the city. And will be again.


The bedroom features floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides and is surrounded by greenery. But I don’t normally get to enjoy the view because the bunnies chewed all the cords off the blinds and we couldn’t open them. Husband finally restrung them a few days ago. That was a happy morning for him.

Noice, huh? Tell me someone is going to fall in love with the place … my nerves are jangling … on the market this arvo …

Song of the day: Noosha Fox, “S-s-s-single bed”







11 thoughts on “Bedroom secrets

  1. wow…. just wow…. wow at that view… wow at the fact u built a bed by yourself…. lol & especially wow at the light – its gorgeous!!!

  2. Looking good, Alana! Have you had the listing photos taken? You are definitely a dab hand at buying and selling. My advice for making a room look good for sale is a pop of colour and make sure you have a clear eyeline to all corners when you enter a room, especially a small room. It makes the room look bigger!

    Good luck!

  3. Looks awesome Alana. As u know I’m in the market and if I was looking in ur price range I wld buy ur house. Someone will see in it what u saw when u bought it. Good luck. X

  4. That light is amazing. It will sell the house! Goodluck for first opening and don’t forget to stalk from up the road…I always do that.

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