Who was your first crush?

Technically mine was the cowboy from The Village People … but I was pre-pubescent and slightly clueless then.

Photo: Happy Birthday Neil Finn. (27th May).<br /><br />
As a tribute to Neil the whole of today will be nothing but Neil Finn related Split Enz. Check out the photo collage with live "The Devil You Know" which will go up soon!

THIS was my REAL first crush: Neil Finn. Oh my giddy aunt did I think he was hawt. You can keep your Simon Le Bons and your Rick Astleys.

And it’s Neil’s birthday today, so I’m breaking my only-one-blog-a-day rule to celebrate the occasion (OK, I broke it yesterday, too. But you know me, when I’m anxious I write and I write and I WRITE.)

Although it’s quite terrifying to realise Neil’s turned 55. Fifty farking five. We’re getting so ooooooooold.

I must’ve had a premonition it was his birthday because I made Husband hang this Crowded House montage on the wall in the spare bedroom yesterday. Husband hates Crowded House so he was a little churlish about it. But the real estate agent was standing smiling by my side so he sighed and got to work.
Photo: Michael Ulph look what just went up on my wall ...
(To rub salt in, I’m also turning the eldest into a fan. She LOVES Neil’s latest album, Dizzy Heights. We play it all the time now Husband’s not mooching around the joint.)
The Crowded House montage was a gift from my first boyfriend. First Boyfriend was a photographer and we crushed our way to the front row of every Crowded House and Hunters and Collectors gig in Newcastle for arty shots.
Actually, now that I think about it, Husband was Second Boyfriend. I really didn’t get around enough as a young ‘un. I’m not sure 46 is the premium age to be making up for that.
The Crowded House montage followed me around various share flats in Sydney until Husband arrived on the scene, at which point it was relegated to the attic.
I’ve written about my Neil Finn crush a few times over the years.
OK, maybe more than a few times …
So I won’t bore you with a rehash. But 33 years after first laying eyes on him, I still want to jump his bones.
Happy birthday first celebrity crush!
Now, tell me, who was your first celebrity crush?

Song of the day: Neil Finn “Better the devil you know”

And “Give It A Whirl” … filmed on his 21st birthday …

Be still my beating heart …


6 thoughts on “Who was your first crush?

Add yours

  1. Donny Osmond 60s/Daryl Braithwaite 70s/Mel Gibson 80s/Hugh Grant 90s/Gerard Butler 00s/Jon Hamm 01s/ and currently James McAvoy (although he’s far, far too young for me). Sorry… I couldn’t just leave it at Donny.

  2. I was obsessed with The Outsiders movie when I was 14…so my first crush was Emilio, C Thomas Howell, Ralph (in that order). I always felt quite superior loving Emelio..as he was not everyone’s favourite…he was just mine.

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