Never give up

Working in the media has given me the chance to meet the most amazingly talented people over the years. Their words have made me laugh, made me cry, made me think. Their artistic endeavours have done the same. A few years ago, when I was editorial director of Woman’s Day magazine, one of my designers […]

I hate you all

When I was a young lass, my nickname was Cinderella because I was never up past midnight. Now that I’m an old bird, I’m rarely up past 10pm. But I took temporary leave of my senses on Monday, seduced by drinks with my dear former workmates, and didn’t get home until the ungodly hour of […]

It’s not natural

The separated-but-together situation with Husband continues apace. On the weekend we drove to Newcastle for our niece’s birthday, tomorrow we’ll spend the day painting the back deck (well, Husband will paint while I follow behind with a leaf blower … bloody autumn leaves), next Sunday we’ll go to see Strictly Ballroom the musical as a family. […]

I need a dating fish

Ever read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? I’m currently reciting a chapter of it each night to the kids. The eldest thinks it’s hilarious, the youngest does headstands the whole time and cheerfully admits she has no idea what’s going on. I’m particularly enamoured with the Babel fish. Here’s what the Hitchhikers Guide has to […]

Lots of “s” words

Yesterday was quite something … lots of “s” words were used. Some of which I will outline in this blog, some of which I will leave to your imagination. Let’s start with the email I sent to a nice lass called Summer. Summer is the strata manager of an apartment I am desperate to buy. […]

So low rent

I love my tucker. A lot. Make that a looooooooooooottttt. So it’s been disturbing to spend the last few months feeling nauseous and uninterested in meals. Fortunately my appetite is slowly returning (hopefully sleep won’t be far behind it). While that’s bad news for my delightfully shrunken waistline, it’s happy tidings for my tastebuds. But […]

Looks can be deceiving

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Husband lately – as we get the house ready to sell – and it’s kinda freaky. Yesterday we headed to Bunnings to choose decking paint (our jooshing job for Monday). As we stood talking to the paint guy about what shade would be best, I couldn’t […]

Shedding my life’s skin

There were tears in the Household yesterday and for a change they weren’t mine. I gave the bunnies away on Sunday. The kids arrived home last night and when the reality hit, the weeping began. I’d told them they were going, their Dad had confirmed they were gone, but looking out the window and seeing […]