Oh no they said yes

I’m going to a Radiator Hospital gig on Friday night.


I called the Chippo Hotel and a nice woman called Betty told me that as long as I supervise the teenagers – the eldest is taking their mate Bill – at all times they’re allowed into the concert.

The eldest was beyond stoked when I sent the good news. They texted back asking if I knew anyone who’d like to come and keep me company.

I said I seriously doubted it.

The eldest replied: “You might like their music. I’ll play you some songs tonight. It’ll be cool.”

I have become my parents … in a good way. Actually, God bless my parents for making my concert dreams come true as a teen. It was such a buzz to be able to watch my favourite band perform live.

And Friday will give me a true sense of how much fun it was for my dad to lurk in the shadows at the back of venues.

Poor Dad. Poor Alana.

In other news … how about the Armageddon storm yesterday? Was it wild around your way?

Here’s a pic of a disaster that befell my street:


On the other hand, I found this story about the old bloke who stopped the Northbridge Bridge flood with a stick quite amusing:


Gotta run, the youngest needs to be at school band rehearsal by 7am this morning.

Fingers crossed no more telegraph poles have tumbled.

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Here comes the rain again”

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