We made a wonky Tardis cake!


I wonder if making a Tardis cake together is a good test of a relationship?

If it is … DD and I are doing pretty well. We kept our cools and created a wibbly, wobbly “masterpiece” (don’t look too closely at the Frankensteiny bits, I need to watch a few fondant tutorials before I attempt it again) for his daughter’s 12th birthday.

Like my eldest, DD’s daughter is a Doctor Who fan, so I figured it was worth investing in all the hardware because it would get two outings in the next few months at least (the eldest turns 12 in November and has requested a Tardis-lands-on-tropical-island birthday cake).

I went to a specialist cake shop and picked out three 10cm square can pans so I could bake three cubes to stack on top of each other as my Tardis.

I put them on the counter and launched into my usual Miss Havachat routine, talking a mile a minute about my Tardis plans. And my motor mouth moment paid off. It turned out the shop assistant had made a few Tardis cakes in her time and asked if I’d like her to print out some “police box” images for the cake.


I smiled politely to hide my ignorance and asked how much it would be. She replied $10. I’m not very good at saying “no” so I said “yes” despite not really knowing what I was saying “yes” to …

It turned out the cake shop can print stuff from a computer onto a sheet of icing, like so …


How AWESOME is that?

I had no idea such glorious technology existed.

She also pointed me in the direction of a packet of blue fondant and assured me the whole thing would be easy peasy.

Never trust a specialist cake shop assistant who says something will be easy peasy. They are in the business of making cakes, they make fancy stuff all the time, they are SKILLED.

DD and I are not skilled.

Though DD turned out to be very good at getting the freaking tricky decals off the backing paper. I’m crediting his medical training.

We’ve both agreed that the finished cake would have been less wibbly if we’d actually done some proper measuring instead of just rolling the fondant out and slapping it on.

But I don’t think the finished result is too bad for two beginners on their first try. I’ve seen worse on Pinterest. I’ve seen muuuuuuch better … but I’ve seen worse.

DD stuck sparkler candles in it for the “Happy birthday” song and it was declared – visually – a great success. But it wasn’t eaten. The kids had been out for teppanyaki beforehand, including pancakes. Plus, I’d dyed the cake mixture blue.

I thought kids were all jiggy with coloured cakes, what with the growing popularity of rainbow cakes and red velvet. But apparently they draw the line at blue. The blue caused much consternation.

I’ll be sticking to boring white on the inside next time.

Song of the day: Doctor Who Proms theme


10 thoughts on “We made a wonky Tardis cake!

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  1. I’m a roll it out and slap it on kinda gal too. Works for me. I think your and DD’s Tardis cake looks great! Yes a tiny bit wibby (better than what I would’ve done) but at least you can clearly see it’s a Tardis!! And the time and effort that went in… I’m glad they declared it a visual success – can’t believe they didn’t even try it though. I’m surprised the 12-year-olds were concerned about blue dye.

  2. I think you did a great job – if that was me I probably would have bought a normal square cake and put a picture of the tardis on it and said “Happy Borthday – don’t eat the picture – it’s not an edible one” !!!!
    Have a great week !

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