My (very) happy snaps

Middle-aged dating is a difficult beast. The demands of single parenting, work and two needy, badly behaved dogs (that no-one wants to mind) mean that DD and I rarely get more than a few hours together at a stretch.

But with the kids away at the National Skipping Championships and the serendipitous news that my beloved dog sitter Glen was available (thank you Glen!), DD and I managed to snatch a whole 30 hours together in a row.

It was so lovely.

Boy did we cram a lot in: a boozy lunch, two bushy walks, a ferry ride to the Central Coast, my first coffee in a cafe and creating a birthday cake for DD’s daughter’s birthday.

The birthday cake bit was a little stressy and messy. Neither of us had used fondant before … actually I’m not sure DD had ever decorated a birthday cake before … but we muddled along OK and didn’t snap at each other once. More about that later.

Forgive me while I bore you with my some of my (very) happy snaps. There are captions on each one with extra details:


I’m so sad it’s all over. It’s just me and the dogs now on a glorious Sunday.

How’s your weekend going? 

Song of the day: Pete Murray “You pick me up”


8 thoughts on “My (very) happy snaps

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  1. Wow, looks like a day of “bulk fun”! I think we’re ALL astonished that you’ve NEVER ordered a coffee in a cafe…how does THAT happen?!!

  2. Hahahahaha! First ever coffee in a cafe…
    Very happy that you got some time for lovin’. I need a day or two like your photos!

  3. Your happy snaps are lovely. And I read all the captions. Sounds and looks idyllic, like something from a movie or another time. And you look so happy. My weekend was ok, a quiet one with my son who is recovering from a very nasty Influenza B! It’s a shocker of a virus.

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