Missing out (sad face)

The youngest is competing at the National Skipping Championships today.

I feel a little sad that I’m not there.

My ex and I divided it up earlier this year: I took her to the State Championships, he got the Nationals.

At the time it felt like a chore we were splitting. But I ended up having bulk fun at the State Championships. I was beside myself with pride at the youngest’s performances and I was stunned by how good the older competitors were.

Bizarrely loved every minute of it … Even the two hours I spent on the computer inputting judges’ results.

I suppose I could have gone along to the Nationals too … but I’m not sure if the ex’s girlfriend SSF will be there.

I wish NEVER to be going somewhere that SSF will be, though we did once attend a dinner party together in the olden days.

While my ex and I avoid mentioning SSF’s name, she pops up quite frequently in conversation with the kids.

I think it’s really good – honestly – that they feel comfortable talking about her with me.

For example, she’s apparently “great” at hair braids, which would be very handy at the National Skipping Championships, as the competitors need to have their hair “done” and I am very bad at that sort of thing.

Grooming is not my strong point.

I don’t even own a hairdryer. I rarely crack out the iron. My cleansing routine is make-up wipes. And my make-up routine comprises exactly the same blush and eyeshadow every single day until it runs out and I need to buy a replacement.

Actually, I prefer not to even buy replacements and just get my mum to sort it out. But she’s had a knee replacement and is out of action so I’ve resorted to picking up a few things at Woolies.

Oh how the mighty have fallen since their YSL and Chanel days in Singapore.

DD’s daughter saw me put lipstick on the other day and was a little shocked because she didn’t think I wore make-up at all. I think that might mean I’ve let the minimal grooming thing slide a little too far.


So I booked an emergency session at the beautician yesterday for a lash tint and brow wax … since I’ve finally been paid (fark monthly pay runs).

The first thing the beautician did was pluck a granny hair out of my chin.

I acted all chill about it but on the inside I was FREAKING OUT.

It was 4pm … I’d been shopping and gone to lunch with that thing dangling from my face!


I hate getting old.

Don’t you?

Song of the day: Air Supply “Love and other bruises”




8 thoughts on “Missing out (sad face)

  1. For us blokes it’s the ear lobe hairs! Funnily enough and believe it or not, my Boss and I were discussing this exact topic just last week!! They make a satisfying “plink” noise when you pluck ’em! Oh, and nose hairs…hate the fast-growing little buggers! Why does nose hair become so thick and fast-growing as we grow older? Do we old(er) people need more filtration as our years advance? And then there are ear hole hairs on old men…I ask again, why?!

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