Cut the crap

The kids in this photo don't have fizzy, they have big sticks. Also disturbing.

I’m not an all-organic, sugar-free food nazi. My kids eat junk. They have hot chips occasionally. They have lemonade at yum cha (sometimes it’s even pink). I make muffins and biscuits for their morning tea. They ate donuts at the school disco last night. But there’s something I’ll never understand – why kids’ sporting events have shops selling soft drinks, chips, pies and lollies. Yesterday we took the Sprogs for a swim at our local harbour pool. A swimming club meet was on. Every second kid wandered past with a can of fizzy in their hands. Some had Coke. One even had Diet Coke (lucky little bastard). The rest had ice-blocks and potato chips. It was 10am. I’ve seen exactly the same thing at soccer matches and little athletics gatherings. And I don’t get it. Why introduce you children to the healthy pleasure of a sporting activity then spoil it with processed junk? Shouldn’t we take a holistic approach to exercise and put healthy things into their bodies when they’re doing it? Never giving kids junk makes them yearn for it. Giving it to kids at sporting gatherings makes them associate one with the other. Save the junk for parties and social gatherings. OK, I’m climbing down off my soap box now …

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