Crafty Sunday with cheat’s sausage rolls

Husband and the Sprogs cracked out the Play-Doh this morning. They made these amazing creations (above). I cracked out the ready-made puff pastry this evening. I made these delicious creations (below). Everyone in the Household’s pretty stoked with their efforts.

Cheat’s sausage rolls
INGREDIENTS: Tray of chevap skin-less sausages (Woolies and Coles stock them); three sheets of puff pastry; beaten egg.
METHOD: Defrost pastry sheets and cut into quarters. Roll a sausage in each quarter of pastry. Brush a little beaten egg along the edge to seal. Brush the tops of each sausage roll with egg. Cook until golden. Serve with veg to con yourself it’s a healthy family meal. Or chop them into mini sausage rolls and serve as party food.

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