Gimme some hard drive, honey

Much as I appreciate the slim, sexy iPad Husband gave me for Christmas, I’m a big, fat hard drive (and monitor) girl at heart. My hard drive isn’tsmarter trot asmy iPad. See, this is what I’m talking about. That was supposed to say “isn’t as smart as my iPad”, but my iPad assumes what I’m trying to type. It is invariably wrong, very annoying and usually nonsensical. So, in many ways, my iPad is quite stupid. My computer lumbers along and lets me type what I want. It doesn’t interfere. It also has a mouse. I love a mouse. I can move my mouse around on my screen and click things. Upload photos to my blog and other useful stuff. I’ve been bereft the past few days without my hard drive. I insisted Husband get me a new one yesterday, despite him wanting to spend endless hours trying to rescue the dead one. I couldn’t take it anymore. All that lazing around in bed with the iPad, footling on my Domain app, refreshing my blog stats every five seconds, checking my Twitter feed and trolling through Facebook … It’s like car addicts must feel when they have to drive an automatic instead of a manual. I need gear-sticky-type stuff. Give me a study with a chair and a desk and a keyboard and buttons and all those tangible things. So we trekked down a dodgy side alley into a dodgy little shop where a dodgy man sold us a dodgy Chinese hard drive. Which didn’t work when we got it home. Go figure. Husband got rather cross. Go figure. So I suggested we watch his favorite TV program of the moment, Peep Show, then sent him refreshed to coal face. I popped my head in an hour later and he was face-down on the computer, muttering brokenly. I gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze (wisely judging words were not appropriate at that time) and went to bed. I briefly wondered how hard it would be to get our money back from a dodgy little man in a dodgy little shop in a dodgy little alley before falling into a blissful sleep. I woke up this morning to the happy miracle of a functioning computer. Hurrah! My blog has photos again. Admittedly boring photos of a black box in an extremely untidy office. But it’s my black box. And it’s my extremely untidy office. And I love them both.

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