Go for it!

It was the builder’s turn to send ME a photo yesterday. Fortunately he meant to do it.

It was a pic of a piece of benchtop in his storeroom that he thought might do the trick in my laundry. I’m so desperate for the renovation to end that I’d probably accept a piece of masonite at this point.

But it’s actually very nice. It looks like this:

When you zoom in you can see it’s got lots of clear quartz bits in it. I reckon it will do the trick nicely.

So I told him to go for it and go for it FAST.

Actually … this is beginning to sound like he sent me another sort of pic …

I am desperate to be able to do my own washing again. The builder swears Elvis will be back in the building today, together with Tom the chippie and the plumber who inexplicably decided to cut a hole in my sink cabinet and run a piece of plastic pipe along the toilet wall.

Give me strength.

Last night I made a lamb meatball bake thingy for dinner, inspired by something DD created earlier in the week. I mixed lamb mince with onion, breadcrumbs, oregano and garlic, rolled it into balls and browned them on the stove, then tossed them with a jar of Passats and two cans of butter beans and baked it all in the oven for a while. Then I sprinkled olives, crumbled feta and chopped continental parsley on top and served it with crusty bread.

It was yummy. The kids scoffed it down and the eldest asked if I’d like to watch a movie on Netflix afterwards called “I’m thinking of ending things”.

I was a bit freaked out by the title, but the eldest assured me it wasn’t a movie about suicide.

I also checked there wasn’t any torture in it after my last bad experience with Netflix movies – the eldest had to turn off the last one after 20 minutes because it was about cannibalism in a prison and I couldn’t hack it. The eldest assured me this one was torture free, but long and very strange.

Riiiiight … I was a bit ohhh-kay about sitting through that, but I figured it’s not often your 16-year-old suggests watching a movie together.

My verdict? Yep, very long and very strange. The eldest thinks it’s awesome and is planning a third viewing, but I’m still none the wiser about what the hell it was about. Maybe it was some sort of allegory of life and lost opportunities.

It was very trippy.

And so another week draws to a close. I’m excited about the weekend ahead, which promises to be filled with 50 trips to Bunnings, the arrival of my new sofa and a Mexican-themed birthday celebration.

I hope yours is filled with exciting things too.

Oh, and if your dog needs a sombrero, click here.

Song of the day: Loverboy “Working for the weekend”

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