Things get trippy again

My weekend had its highs and lows.

I was stoked with the flower chair I got on clearance at Bunnings for $20!!

Look how much designer ones – admittedly full cane, but hey – sell for:

I was also excited when the builder turned up on Saturday and moved my breakfast bar to become an island bench. It looks amazing – the room seems so enormous now.

However, it turns out the floor under the breakfast bar wasn’t even – and is a different colour – so I’ll probably have to re-sand the room for the third time in six years.

Not. Good. Planning. Alana.

Then I texted my brother in law to wish him a happy birthday and he invited me to an impromptu celebration on Saturday night. I said I could only pop over because I had promised to have a movie night with the kids.

So I dropped off his pressie, had a glass of French champers and said my goodbyes.

As I pulled into my driveway, the power went out in my house.

Well, the lights stayed on, but every single power outlet carked it. Fridge, wi-fi, the youngest’s coloured LED lights .. the lot.

I was very, very not happy.

I sternly asked the kids if they’d done anything that could have caused the problem and they assured me they hadn’t.

I suspected it might have something to do with the builder disconnecting the power in the breakfast bar when he moved it.

I called him. It being 8pm on a Saturday night, he didn’t answer.

I texted him.

Fortunately he texted back.

He got me to turn off all the power points in the house and see if that helped.


He got me to do various twiddly things to the metre box. That didn’t help either. He said he’d be there in 20 minutes. Hoorah!

He arrived with a little pen-like object that tested all the power points, muttered a lot and finally said he would have to crawl under the house to take a look. I asked him to please not die. He assured me he wouldn’t.

He didn’t die and he got the power back on.

As I suspected, the wire he’d disconnected had dislodged and started tripping everything.

While I was cranky about that, I was also very relieved that he saw my text and came over.

By the time we’d sorted it out, the window for movie night had closed.

Sad face.

So no brother-in-law celebration and no family time on the couch either.


Sunday, happily, was drama free.

I went for two lovely walks with friends on Sunday morning, made potato and leek soup for lunch and spend some quality time with DD sipping rose in the afternoon, before indulging my passion for suburban Chinese food, with a plate of szechuan combination for dinner and a fortune cookie for dessert that said THIS:


Hope your weekend was a cracker.

Oh, before I go, I have a little house[goeshome]keeping update to share with you: I’ve heard some people are having trouble finding my posts on Facebook. Try this hack – go to the HouseGoesHome Facebook page. Next to the “like” button you will see three little dots. Click on them. You will see the words “Follow settings”. Click on them. Click on the “Favourites” dot. Let me know if this helps. And I promise you should only get one post each day from me, with the occasional Thirsty Travellers one, so you won’t be bombarded if you decide to make me a favourite.

Song of the day: Diana Ross “Upside Down”

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