Whatever floats your boat

OK, the move is over. I survived. Just.

House has a Home again … and I am totally stoked.

The kids are stoked too, mainly because they’re about to spend the week being besties with a free, help-yourself soft-serve ice-cream machine.

At 11am this morning we’re boarding the Radiance of the Seas for a seven-night cruise to Tassie. The kids’ favourite place in the world to dine, the buffet-style Windjammer Cafe, will be our first stop. It comes with the aforementioned ice-cream nirvana.

I’m not sure how much access there will be to mummy’s nirvana – wifi – on the ship, but DD (and meeeeeee) are hoping extensive. We’re making stops in Newcastle, Hobart and Melbourne along the way so, worst case scenario, I’ll keep you fully informed on the minutiae of my trip then.

Lucky you!

For a taster of what’s to come, here’s what I wrote about last year’s cruise in a post called Digitally Detoxed (but pretty pickled).

PS A massive thank you to my dear mate Glen, who arrives this morning to dogsit the very naughty Charlie while I’m away … and is sweet enough to be looking forward to it. I think he’ll enjoy the experience more if I can find the cutlery … So I’d better hoof off and do some more unpacking. Some internal doors in the new place would be nice too … Especially in the bathroom. Fingers crossed Brian the door man arrives at 7.30am as promised …

Song of the day: Rod Stewart “Sailing”

3 thoughts on “Whatever floats your boat

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  1. Good job, you! And Kev got another kiss?! 🙂
    Bon voyage and if you’ve got time in Melbourne, give me call!

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