The dumbest thing I’ve ever done?

My mum doesn’t read my blog every day. She tends to catch up in blocks … so, Mum, I have some news I was too scared to tell you …

Meet the newest member of the Household: Bilbo Baggins …


I am NOT looking forward to hearing what Dad has to say. He will go OFF at me. I will be in so much trouble.

Isn’t it funny that you can still be too scared to tell your parents things when you’re 46?

Bilbo is a mini-foxie-maltese cross and he’s the tiniest puppy I’ve ever seen. And I know, I know … But I just couldn’t help myself. So Bilbo joined the family on Saturday.

Yes, I am mad. Totally troppo.

It was a spur of the moment decision and it didn’t really fit with my plans for the evening: I was going to Jonah’s at Whale Beach for dinner.

DD was horrified when I told him. “What made you make your life even more complicated,” he asked, adding a few “WTF”s and “So we still having dinner tonight?”

I wasn’t about to miss out on Jonah’s, so I asked my new neighbour and long-time friend Wendy if her 15-year-old son would like to make some quick cash by having a sleepover with a new puppy. Thankfully he said yes.

Josh is wonderful. On Sunday morning he sent me a text saying “everything was sweet last night” and “puppy is back in the shower with my flanny” … nawwwww, he’d left his flannelette shirt behind in the puppy’s bed to keep him company!

Fortunately that meant I could have the most AWESOME night out.

It started with complimentary Tattinger champagne as the sun set over Whale Beach, which I took as a pretty good sign of things to come. DD reckons it’s the best meal he’s ever had.

I also introduced DD to the best rose wine he’s ever had: Rockford Alicante Bouche. Nom. Nom.

Our fancy dinner was the last port of call on my doing Sydney like an A-lister tour – courtesy of Tourism NSW. And it was the most amazing way to finish up. If you’re looking for a special-occasion spot, Jonah’s for lunch or sunset would be hard to beat.

Yesterday morning, we decided to add a few of our own glammy touches: sunrise on Avalon Beach (it was stinking hot in Sydney on Saturday night and neither of us could sleep), breakfast at The Boathouse – which is where the seaplane lands, the way most celebs make the journey – then a walk on Palm Beach and a dip in the ocean … all before 9.30am, so I could hustle back home to the puppy.

As usual … there are so many photographs I want to show you that it requires a gallery …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





5 thoughts on “The dumbest thing I’ve ever done?

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  1. DD is right! WTF? Another puppy?!
    I had a sensational lunch with friends at Yering Station in Yarra Glen yesterday but have no idea how to share MY pics on your blog so you’ll just have to look on FB! The presentation on the plates was stunning and everything tasted sensational. Oh, and Duck was on the menu, even better! 🙂

  2. Don’t listen to them Alana. He will be company for your other dog and it might cure the boredom. He is sooo cute! I’m always scared to tell my parents when I buy another animal too. What IS that about? We have an overdeveloped superego I think.

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