My week: I can hear violins starting to play

Last week was manic and a little overwhelming. I’m not sure I could live like an A-lister – Tourism NSW are promoting the ACCTA Awards next week and sent me on a whole lot of celebrity-style adventures – unless I had a whole staff to keep the mundane bits of life running while I swanned off to restaurants and bars and spas and five-star hotels. I shake my head as I type those words … poor me having to do all those lovely things and having the temerity to complain … It’s probably got a lot to do with the timing – I only got back from my Tassie cruise with my parents on Tuesday (the tough life continues, I can hear violins starting to play) and the house remains in disarray from moving the previous week. I haven’t had a chance to do any grocery shopping so the fridge and cupboards are bare and the kids have eaten far too much takeaway. Then there was my whole lump in the boob drama. I just want to lie down and learn to breathe properly again.  But that won’t get those boxes piled in the middle of my lounge room unpacked. Whinge over …

Here’s what I got up to at HouseGoesHome last week …

charlie-3 >> The week kicked off with me giggling over my dogsitter Glen’s Facebook posts about the mad moodle Charlie … and other wonderful friendships I’m blessed to enjoy … in a post called Never Alone.

I forgot to take a photo of my prawns BEFORE I gobbled them up
I forgot to take a photo of my prawns with crabmeat mashed potatoes BEFORE I gobbled them up

>> On Tuesday I confessed to my culinary cruise excesses in So. Much. Food.

My junior suite with massage table
My junior suite with massage table

>> Wednesday started with me discovering a breast lump and ended with a private massage in a suite at the Langham Hotel … bizarro … in a blog called The Good, The Bad and the OhMyGawd. >> Thursday was a chance to show off My Holiday Happy Snaps. >> Friday was a rave about spending the night at the QT Hotel … and having my first mammogram the next day. I called it Why Does Everyone Look So Worried? (Because staff at the hospital got me confused with someone who had bigger problems … eeeek moment.)

The milder slide
The milder slide on the Carnival Legend

>> And Saturday was about cramming too much amazing stuff into one day … then getting a diagnosis of TMB Syndrome from my doctor after he examined my mammogram scans.

Meanwhile, over at …

It was a bit of a quiet one for me as I only got back into the office on Wednesday and lost half of Thursday to the mammogram … aus1 >> Is this the ultimate way to spend Australia Day? >> aus-2 >> 12 short breaks you NEED in 2015 >> aus-3 >> The Hoff’s Scandanavian striptease >> aus4 >> The top 10 Aussie bucket list destinations >> How was your week?

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