I’m barren

I’ve had worse days. I feel weary but pretty good, all things considered. Everyone was so lovely at the hospital. The nurse who admitted me even waved as they wheeled me past to surgery. Everything went according to plan. My Googling Gyno gave me the thumbs up afterwards. The only hiccup: my blood pressure lingered in […]

Stuck with me

8am is a VERY inconvenient time for school mum friends and busy corporate types to deliver me to hospital, so I’ve bitten the bullet and asked my ex. He’s been really nice about it, but part of him surely has to be thinking: isn’t this the sort of stuff you get to skip after breaking […]

Bit of a mind flip

Recalibrating as a family post-separation can be unsettling sometimes. I felt guilty yesterday morning, for example, when I left my ex and the kids at home and headed out for the day. It was like I was deserting them and should have hung around so we could spend some quality time together. But spending quality […]

My week: mellow dramatic

A week containing Friday the 13th AND Valentine’s Day is a scary thing … especially when it’s the anniversary of your marriage breaking up. And mine somehow found new dramas to deliver. Fortunately, it’s become a bit water off a duck’s back. So I was totally whatever when I got a nasty comment yesterday from […]

Tonight’s NOT the night

I’m a teensy bit worried people are going to turn up on my doorstep tonight in three-piece white suits and platform shoes expecting a ’70s disco … Always a risk when you cancel a party. I’ve chilled a few bottles and put some cabanossi on stand-by … just in case. I’ll also refrain from putting […]

Comprehensively wrecked

Let’s just say yesterday was intense. The nervous anticipation woke me before 5am. There’s some stuff I’m not ready to talk about yet, so let’s skip through until 1pm when I caught the train to Wahroonga for my gyno appointment and thought “hmmmm, that’s weird, I don’t remember there being a really long, dark tunnel […]

Unhappy anniversary (warning: TMI)

February 10 really hates me. Last year, my husband announced our marriage was over. This year, in a few hours of pain and panic, I “miscarried” my Mirena. I think the technical term is “expelled” or “rejected” but that sounds too clinical for what happened. It was awful being alone, with two kids asleep in […]

I needed a laugh

People have been keeping me very entertained since my rant about Fifty Shades of Grey on Saturday. It seems I’m not the only one with a set against the movie … and book. Nic wrote a comment saying: “I thought it was a book about graphic designers and how their selection on pantones would excite […]