I’m a bit wobbly, I can’t think straight – help!

OK, the past few days have been … challenging.

They’ve wiped me out, I’m possibly slightly delirious, so I need your help.

You see, the youngest has requested THIS as her combined birthday present/party entertainment for her 9th birthday next month …


Buying it on ebay is only slightly more expensive than hiring it.

So I’m wondering: inspired idea or MADNESS?

DD says MADNESS. His exact words: “Hire better – man comes and sets up – smokes cigarette – takes down – drives away. Unless you plan to have kids at your house every weekend in summer.”

Anyways … that’s all I can manage until I get a blood transfusion this arvo … kidding … I’ll just be shooting the breeze with the gyno who Googled me about my malfunctioning lady parts.  Bulk fun … not.

But keep your fingers crossed for me, today is a mega one – on soooooo many levels that I can’t get into right now, we really need a bonding session over a pinot gris or three – and I need every positive vibe I can get.

Song of the day:  Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” (what does it say about me that I LOVE this song???)



11 thoughts on “I’m a bit wobbly, I can’t think straight – help!

  1. Howabout “no” to either option? You have enough stuff going on. It’s ok to say no sometimes. Kids also don’t “have” to have a party every birthday. Maybe dad can take a couple to Wet’n’Wild….

  2. From the mother who always says yes, my advice Alana is say no to this one. I agree, a trip to Wet n Wild would be a great substitute. Take it from someone who bought the ‘at home’ jumping castle for a 4 year that was such a drama to set up it was used about twice. If you leave these things set up in the backyard permanently they fade and perish but once you pack them up it’s all too hard to set them up again. You have enough going on without the hassle and (later on) the guilt trip about this.
    Sending cyber hugs and positive vibes.
    Anna xx

    • Hi Anna, thank you! Wet n Wild isn’t an option as she’s terrified of heights and has just refused to go to a friend’s birthday there. But we’ll work something out.

  3. MADNESS!!! Don’t do it!!! We have a blow up pool in the backyard that I have been meaning to clean and re-inflate, and it’s almost the end of summer! That thing looks like 100 times bigger…. i’d take them to Jambaroo or Wet and wild instead…

  4. Hey Alana, I think you’ve had plenty of good advice on this one. I’m with DD…hire one!
    Sending plenty of cyber hugs your way….again. 🙂

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