Comprehensively wrecked


Let’s just say yesterday was intense. The nervous anticipation woke me before 5am.

There’s some stuff I’m not ready to talk about yet, so let’s skip through until 1pm when I caught the train to Wahroonga for my gyno appointment and thought “hmmmm, that’s weird, I don’t remember there being a really long, dark tunnel on the North Shore line …” And found myself at freaking North Ryde.

I really need to start paying more attention to station announcements before I jump on (wrong) trains.

I placed a panicked call to DD who rescued me, bought me a glass of chardy and a plate of my favourite food – char kway teow – then delivered me to my Googling Gyno‘s doorstep.

I quite love my Googling Gyno. He’s a sweetheart. He usually deals with cancer patients, so he regards my issues as a bit of fun on the side. We shot the breeze about ageing celebrities who’ve used donor eggs to get themselves up the duff before moving onto the various unpalatable options for my TMB womb.

He’s totally cool with me wanting to explore options other than my muffler being removed through my tailpipe and even rang a gyno mate – The Quickster – halfway through the consultation to get her opinion on possible courses of action.

We finally agreed on an icky procedure on Tuesday … He just needs to put a camera up my tailpipe to make sure I’m a suitable candidate, then out comes the blowtorch …

Hurrah, can’t wait … Sigh …

I’ll be puce for a week afterwards then – fingers tightly crossed – I’m sorted.

Afterwards,  I collected my car from its 200,000km service, handed over $1300 (WTF), bolted to collect the youngest from her skipping class, detoured to the local fruit shop for a tub of its awesome lasagne and wobbled home for a cider on the couch while the kiddies whaled out.

I felt comprehensively wrecked. It was a VERY big day.

The youngest has a delightfully weird obsession with housework, so she was stoked when I said she could take the washing off the line after dinner as a special treat. Bless her.

And now a new day dawns.

Good morning world. What do you have in store for me? I’m ready and waiting …

Song of the day:  John Lennon “Starting over”






9 thoughts on “Comprehensively wrecked

  1. Sounds like you have a plan…and you have another good bloke on Team Alana! I’m sure it will all be OK in the end. 🙂
    But you’re right, WTF….$1300 for the 200,000k service?!! Did they advise you what it would cost when you dropped the car off? I assume they did a cam belt change but I’d love to see the invoice! I just don’t trust those car people… (I love irony!)

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