My week: mellow dramatic

A week containing Friday the 13th AND Valentine’s Day is a scary thing … especially when it’s the anniversary of your marriage breaking up.

And mine somehow found new dramas to deliver. Fortunately, it’s become a bit water off a duck’s back.

So I was totally whatever when I got a nasty comment yesterday from David aka “crosscountry6969.” He wrote on my Dickless Dad post: “Think God i don’t have that problem. But then, i would never marry a bitch like ya’ll. Ya’ll sound like ya’ll are proud of making your husbands feel like a useless piece of shit.”

Cheers David … I can think of other reasons you don’t have “that problem.”

Yep, I’m totally crushed that you’d never marry a bitch like me.


Aside from that cheery little message, Valentine’s Day was lovely. The kids and I cooked up our three-course feast: roast tomato soup for entree, meat pies with heart-shaped roast potatoes and heart-shaped tomatoes for main, and heart-shaped brownies for dessert.

Nom nom.

As for the rest of the week …

Here’s what went down at housegoeshome:


>> Stop the presses … on Monday I blogged about going kayaking … that’s right, Alana House went kayaking. I still don’t believe it. DD is annoyed that I didn’t mention it was also spontaneous kayaking, my least favourite kind.

>> On Tuesday I blogged about the Fifty Shades of Grey spoofs floating around.

>> On Wednesday it  was Unhappy Anniversary time – one year since my husband announced he was leaving me. And I celebrated by miscarrying my Mirena. I possibly didn’t explain what the Mirena was properly – its a plastic thing that was in my uterus to try and mitigate some of my lady plumbing problems and it came out rather traumatically. I didn’t have an actual miscarriage. When I went to see my gyno, he got very giggly about my old eggs and their inability to bear fruit. I gave him a VERY stern look.

>> I was a bit wobbly on Thursday after the Mirena incident and considered getting the youngest a blow-up water slide for her birthday. The verdict from HouseGoesHome’s lovely, loyal readers was NOOOOOOOOO.

>> On Friday, I revealed just a small portion of the shite that went down on Thursday in a blog called Comprehensively Wrecked. Thursday WAS NOT a good day. But I still had a laugh, some char kway teow and a chardy with DD, so I remember bits of it quite fondly.

>> And Saturday was a plea to not accidentally arrive on my doorstep for a 70s party because it was cancelled. It was called Tonight’s NOT the night and also contained lots of navel gazy blather from me about regenerating.

And here’s what went down at


>> The world’s best hotels to pop the question (who knew romance curator was a job position in a hotel???) >>


>> The world’s first hotel to be staffed by robots opening in Japan – creepy or cool?


>>  Lisa Curry’s bikini bliss in Western Australia … I would KILL to have a body like hers at 52 >>

>> Australia’s best value holiday destination is … Yamba!

>> The hotel that inspired Fawlty Towers has finally closed it’s doors – it was fascinating to research this one and read about the bloke John Cleese based Basil on …

>>  When Aussies book a hotel room the number one thing they want to do in the bed is … not what you’d think …


>>  A Star Wars themed cruise has launched … in the West Caribbean … sign me up! Details and awesome pics here >>


>> And finally, I finished up at Escape with a Friday the 13th special – 13 places to go horror movie sight seeing >>

How was your week? 

Song of the day: Simple Minds “Alive & Kicking”



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