Stuck with me


8am is a VERY inconvenient time for school mum friends and busy corporate types to deliver me to hospital, so I’ve bitten the bullet and asked my ex.

He’s been really nice about it, but part of him surely has to be thinking: isn’t this the sort of stuff you get to skip after breaking up with someone?

I probably could have caught a cab, but it seemed a bit pitiful to take a taxi – alone – to hospital. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

My ex will just drop me off and (school) run, so now I’m worried about who’ll mind my handbag while I’m under general anaesthetic.

Who minds your handbag???? Do they have lockers or something for the single mums????

(DD has since informed me that my belongings will go in a bag under the bed that gets wheeled around with me … will have to come up with something else to fret about … damn.)

I’m also worried that I’ll go under, my Googling Gyno will take a look and decide I’m not a suitable candidate for the procedure, then I’ll wake up still saddled with the very, very annoying problem.

Aside from being a champion guilt-tripper, I could also win awards for unnecessary anxiety.

And I’m freaking hungry – it’s been nil by mouth since 2am. I could decimate a bacon and egg roll right now.

In anticipation of the fast ahead, I scoffed salt and pepper squid and had a few vodka, lime and sodas with some young things at the QT Hotel bar last night. They looked a bit nervous when I announced that since I’d consumed a couple of alcoholic beverages and was feeling expansive, I would explain my medical procedure to them …

The divine Kim from Wotif (and a former Novocastrian like me) was in town with her gorgeous team and they were so sweet to me, despite all my gory talk. PRs are very skilled at smiling politely, even when they’d really prefer to retch.

Kim is a little closer to my vintage and the young ‘uns were quite confounded by how many photos we made them to take to get one that met with both our approval.

We gave up in the end and grudgingly accepted this one …


OK, better go choose my hospital attire now. Oh gawd! What will I wear????

Song of the day: Evanescence “Going under”











9 thoughts on “Stuck with me

  1. You’ll be just fine today, I’m sure. Those hospital people are very good at what they do and, like Pinky says, it’ll be over before you know it! 😉

  2. From this day forth I will forever be know as a young thing. Yeah. (Yes, it is all about me)
    Ps alana: you are loved and I send a hearty ‘get well soon’ from all!

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