Keeping my cool

There’s not a breath of air around my way this morning. So still, so stifling.

I’m wishing I’d found a way to stay on the Northern Beaches last night so I could float in the cool waves this morning.

But dog sitters are hard to come by during the January school holidays and it would have meant missing my weekly Saturday walk with the school mums.

Besides, DD has an early workout date with The Warrior and the Palm Beach sand dunes, (un)lucky him, so I’d have been floating alone … not ideal when I can’t swim to save my life …

So I’ll just have to survive on the memories of last night, when I bolted from the office to the Northern Beaches for a post-work swim with DD.

It was gorgeous – as usual – in the waves. But a wild wind sand blasted us on shore. So, we sat in the shallows after our dip with a cider each and cooled off our insides as well.

(Unfortunate side effect: half of Avalon Beach up my clacker for the rest of the night.)

After a twirl of the ocean pool, we headed to DD’s place, where I cooked him a Penang chicken curry for dinner before donning my specs for the dark drive home to my arid piece of suburbia.

Lovely night. Lucky me.

There’s no swim in my future today, it’s an ultra social one, kicking off with my walk at 8am then a lunch and a dinner with old friends. A few more cooling ciders could be in order …

Have a great weekend.

Catch you Monday!

Here are my happy snaps:

Song of the day: REM “Night swimming”




6 thoughts on “Keeping my cool

  1. We have a hot breeze racing through the house and flicking my hair into my eyes as I finalise shit for another herd of lookie lookers. I am so pleased they are coming early this week cos then I take my bra off and jump in the pool.

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