“Yes” is a beautiful word

There’s something about DD that makes me want to say “yes”.

I used to be such a “no” girl. I took a set against potential fun for some weird reason.

I took the role of cataloguing the adventures of my children and their father, recording moments for posterity rather than diving into them myself.

I must have been such a bore.

Somewhere along the line, that changed and my resistance to trying new things eased.

I think it has something to do with DD being such a persistent soul.

Despite having thrown myself wholeheartedly into everything from kayaking to surf skiing and snowmobiling, it still bugs him that I’m resistant to boogie boarding.

He just keeps on wiggling a board at me, trying to get me on it. I’ve tried it on a couple of waves, it leaves me a bit meh. I prefer to jump and splash.

But, generally, my life is richer for the adventures he entices me to share with him.

He’s turned me into a total beach addict. Pale, redhaired, freckly me constantly yearns to float in the surf. I miss it – and him – every day I’m not there.

He’ll send photos of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the waves, his feet in the sand …


I was soooooo keen to get to the beach yesterday. It was such a gorgeous afternoon. I’ve scooted to the sea twice this week. DD tried to tempt me again, but it was too tricky with working and kid wrangling … not to mention the hassle of a 40-minute drive.

So I let the urge subside and simmered in my suburban bungalow instead.

Well, I got the youngest over to my sister’s for a  quick splash …


Afterwards, I recreated my favourite eat-out dish – stir-fried rice cake with pork and XO sauce – for dinner. I’ll give it another go soon and share the delicious recipe … nom, nom.

Then the kids and the fur babies and I gathered on the sofa – with the pedestal fan whirring – to watch a few episodes of Doctor Who before bed.

A hot, hectic day, sans ocean, but still a good one.

Have you tried anything new lately?

Song of the day: The Honeydrippers “Sea of love”


2 thoughts on ““Yes” is a beautiful word

  1. I tried to circumvent the madness that was the M1 closure yesterday by handing my phone to my Grandie boy and I took all direction from an 11 nearly 20 year old. It sure beat the shit out of 4 lanes of traffic going nowhwere. More than 2 and a half hours later I arrived wobbly legged vowing to buy an auto car next time.

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