How nice was that?

Yesterday was top ‘n’ tailed by two lovely episodes.

I needed that loveliness – the fractured family thing got me down on Saturday night. I swear, if there’s some way to mutually compromise and resuscitate your marriage, give it a go. The alternative has so many wretched aspects.

One of them left me feeling a little sad when I went to bed.

But, as I’d dropped the kids to their dad after a great arvo at the beach with friends and decided not to blog on Sunday morning, I was determined to put it out of my mind and have a sleep in.

I don’t know what a “sleep in” looks like in your world, for me its anything past 6am.

I am a hopeless sleeper in-er.

I stirred into consciousness at 6:28am and peered blearily at my iphone to check the time.

I saw a text with a sunrise pic from DD and another message saying something about him being up early and deciding to pop over, so he’d be there in 30 minutes. I frantically struggled to focus my eyes and realised in horror that the message had been sent at 6am.

Oh. My. God.

He was due in two minutes!

I had cocky’s comb hair, cocky’s cage mouth and was covered in salt and sunscreen because I’d been too lazy to shower it off the night before.

Sexy. Not.

That laziness also meant all my clean washing was still piled on the bed. And I was midway through clearing out the eldest’s room after the horrifying weevil-on-the-ceiling discovery, so the house was a disaster area.


I threw lots of mess into lots of baskets, jumped into the shower and whacked on some lippie.

Just as I finished applying my gloss, DD arrived.

He’d snuck out of his house – full of holiday relatives – and driven down to bring me coffee and a hug to cheer me up.

Bless his beautiful soul … an 80-minute round trip.

We cuddled and chatted and sipped our coffees, then he hit the road again so I could shimmy into my gym gear for my 8am pump class and he could get back to his family before they woke.

I was VERY smiley during that pump class.

My day ended in an equally happy fashion. I texted my sister’s housesitter on her last night in residence to check she’d had a good holiday and she invited me over for pizza and a spa.

It was BULK fun – much chatter, laughter, pizza and pink prosecco.

As I went to sleep last night, I felt incredibly fortunate to have such good people in my life.

Some happy snaps …

How was your Sunday?

Song of the day: REM “Everybody hurts”

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