Holiday romance is dead

Working while the kids are on school holidays is challenging. I’m lucky my boss is OK with me working from home a few days a week when needed.

Yesterday was one of those days, which was brilliant aside from it ending with the youngest giving me a goodnight hug and saying: “But WHY do you have to work when I’m on holidays? I want you to do things with me.”

Sorry, chickadee.

Instead of doing things with mum, the youngest lay on the sofa all day, giggling over reruns of Full House, while I perched at the computer tap-tap-tapping and her sister honed her vampire sleeping skills in her bedroom.

Every now and then I threw suggestions for entertaining herself over my shoulder. The ping-pong table set up for single play  lasted five minutes. Making homemade lemonade and ice blocks occupied her for 20 minutes. I offered to take her to the bank at lunchtime to help deposit all the coins I’d sorted on the weekend into little plastic baggies to raise my bank balance above $5.65. (I wish I could say ha, ha, that’s a joke, but it’s not.)


For some reason she turned down the exciting invitation in favour of more quality time with Uncle Jessie.


I promised to take her for a bike ride when I finished work, but that bit the dust when I dragged my old bike out of the shed and pathetically failed to pump its flat tires up.

So the highlight of her day was going to K-Mart after dinner for another $2 ice block mould to amuse herself with today while I tap-tap-tap again.

To top things off, DD spent yesterday ticking the most divine adventure off his bucket list: a helicopter ride over the Great Ocean Road. The photographs he sent me were AMAZING. Sigh.

He’s not the only one, half my Facebook feed are overseas: Japan, Canada, Bali, New Zealand, Florida … Their happy snaps are totally awesome too.

So, while it’s fabulous (and I’m incredibly fortunate) having the flexibility to work from home, I’ll be glad when it and January are over. The motherguilt is a bitch, the holiday envy is a drag and the coffee is dreadful.

OK, OK that’s not entirely true, I’m looking forward to taking the youngest to the beach tomorrow for a surf. It’s not all grindstone and grimacing.

How are the school holidays treating you?

Song of the day: Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue “Kids”

6 thoughts on “Holiday romance is dead

  1. Much the same here. Juggling these hols as a working mum is, as you say, a juggle. I left the house early this morning as hubby has the day off with the kids, thinking that I’d love to have the day off with them. Could be worse, guess we just have to look on the bright side.

    • I know what you mean. I feel the same way when my ex is off doing something fun with the kids while I’m at work. But I’m even more glad they’re having fun and not just watching tellie on the couch.

  2. I must be the luckiest person I know, cos the school hols means that the lovely Grandie boy comes down to the Big House while his Mum grinds away. Ah bring on the hols, over too soon.

  3. Oh God, know how you feel. As I work from home and my kids are so little, they don’t understand much and think I’m just on my computer all day ignoring them… feels awesome I must say. P.S Made it to Sweden so now motherguilt stretches the globe. Best of 2017 to you! One day we will meet in person.

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