Blessings and curses

Faaaaaaar out it was hot at my place yesterday.

I was working from home and the perspiration was puddling on my top lip.

I yearned to be in the air-conditioned comfort of my workplace, with the cafe serving the best strong flat white with half a sugar in the world across the road.

It’s weird to find myself wishing I was in the office. But, really, that’s where I’d rather be nowadays than tapping away at home.

My last workplace had a bee in its bonnet about people being at their desks five days a week and it made my teeth grind. There was nothing about that job that required my butt on a seat in the office. I was just churning out story after story, location was irrelevant.

I was on the early morning shift, so I’d start work at home at 6am, writing the first story of the day for the site, then have a shower and make the hour-long trek to the office. It made NO SENSE.

In my new job, however, I like being in the middle of things, bouncing ideas around, double-checking things with co-workers, having a laugh, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket, popping over the road for another round of coffee.

Being at home is a little aimless and lonely and offers way too many opportunities to scoff junk from the fridge.

But school holidays mean compromise.

And having the flexibility to work from home is pretty handy.

Today is shaping up to be even more of a scorcher, but fortunately my kind sister – despite it being the last day of her holidays – has agreed to have the kids over to the air-conditioned comfort of her glammy semi, oh, and pool, for the day.

So I’ll huddle at work until home time, then skip over there for a dip and dinner.


Actually, last night turned out pretty well too. Despite being greeted with two disgruntled faces when I suggested it – the youngest was knackered after being up until midnight the day before at the cricket – I dragged my tired, grumpy kids to the beach for a swim after I finished work … nice and early as one of the bonuses of working from home is that you can start at 7.30am and head straight off with the kids at 4pm when you down tools … none of that racing home and rallying the troops.

The water was glorious and the youngest and I had a lovely splash while the eldest drew sand masterpieces on the shore.

Then we popped over to DD’s for a farewell barbecue with his sister, who has been staying at his place for a few weeks before heading up north to a new job.

Is there a heatwave forecast for your neck of the woods tomorrow? What’s your keep-cool plan?

Are you a working from home fan? 

Song of the day: Billy Idol “Hot in the city”




6 thoughts on “Blessings and curses

  1. HIde in the AC at work where it is a balmy 22 degrees year round, even when it is snowing outside. Drive to and from work in AC, then come home and melt in front of the fan/evaporative cooler depending on the room. Going for a drive now to take advantage of the AC in the car again, and maybe get an ice cream. But it was only 35 here today.

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