Doing it French style

It would appear Blackish finally has French sub-titles, as “position du triceratops” is trending in the “search” section of my blog, along with “la position du tricerateupe.”

It sounds much more glamorous in French, don’t you think?

Not that there’s anything glamorous about it.

The only triceratops position I’d be interested in trying is a guest spot with Matt Smith in Doctor Who’s “Dinosaurs in Space.”

I’m wondering if the lack of glamour involved in the triceratops accounts for the vastly reduced French click rate compared to whenever the infamous Blackish episode airs in the US?

As Monika Carless notes at The Elephant Journal: “The French have centuries of mastering indulgence behind them. They’re not afraid of the wicked, the sensual, the provocative, the delicious. Mainly, they’re artists of their own lives. And they’re not going to be stingy about what makes their soul sing.

“While the rest of us are struggling with being polite, conservative and proper, the French assume that life is for living, not regretting.”

That’s the rose-coloured-glasses way of describing it.

On a less sugar-coated note, a new survey by polling institute Ifop has found Parisians have a VERY adventurous attitude to sex: more a quarter of Parisians have had group sex, 43% of men said they have had sex with two partners at the same time, the average Parisian claims to have had 19 sexual partners, while 44% of men claim to have had sex with someone without knowing their name, and 11% of women.

The triceratops must seem quite tame to them, really. There goes Paris’ reputation as the City of Love.

Back to Blackish, it’s been in the news for more than just that infamous dino moment. Yesterday, the show’s star, Tracee Ellis Ross, became the first black woman to win a Golden Globe for Best Actress in 35 years. Her win also reminded everyone that the show has run foul of President elect Donald Trump, who tweeted in 2014: “How is ABC Television allowed to have a show entitled ‘Blackish’? Can you imagine the furor of a show, ‘Whiteish!’ Racism at highest level?”

It’s generally agreed that Trump – surprise, surprise – did not get the joke.

Song of the day: T-Rex “Get it on”

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