Blue Sunday

I finally got back to the sea late yesterday, after a week without it or DD.

The sea had the sulks and sent me bluebottles.

Now I have the sulks with the sea.

Avalon and Whale Beach were both deserted due to the blue plague, so we headed to Palm Beach in search of clear waters.

Palm Beach was PACKED. So I thought we were safe. But, as I waded out, a blue tendril floated within 30cm of my arm.

I turned and RAN. Well, waded frantically.

I hate bluebottles.

DD was perturbed. He’s an odds man and reckoned they were in our favour.

I’m not a gambling girl, so I stood on the shore.

After he’d had a dip, we headed to the ocean baths for a contained cool off. But I was still pretty cagey. Waves kept crashing over the sides … what’s to say a bluebottle hadn’t surfed in as well?

I was SO tight lipped and nervy … DD gave up and walked me to some rocks to sit and watch the waves from a safe distance.

He thought I was being way too anxious pants about it all.

But I’ve never quite recovered from a morning at Freshwater Beach when a bluebottle wrapped itself around the 4-year-old youngest’s thigh. Those screams will stay with me forever.

That horrible moment was the beginning of a traumatic few months for our family.

A few weeks afterwards, the youngest started kindy. A week after that, she choked on a squid leg in a restaurant – my ex had to perform the heimlich manoeuver to get her breathing. A few days later, a boy bit her so hard in the playground, the teeth marks remained for hours.

The youngest had a really, really tough time coping with life after that. It was all too much for her such a small soul.

She’s great now, loves the beach. But it was a harrowing journey.

And I’ll never forgive bluebottles for starting it.

Not to mention my own new love for the sea being on the line. I’d hate to ruin it with a vicious sting.

I’ve had enough vicious stings for one lifetime.

So there ain’t no way I’m swimming with those nasty things. No. Way.

Tense beach experience aside, it was BEYOND lovely to have jet lagged DD back.

Song of the day: Culture Club “Do you really want to hurt me?”


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