Going the retro route

It feels weird NOT to mention it, but I’m loathe to say “Happy Australia Day!”

So many people AREN’T happy about it these days. Even my easygoing 10-year-old gave me a grilling last night, wanting to know why we were celebrating invading someone else’s country.

So I’ll just say “Happy public holiday with family and friends” instead.

Aaaaaand, on with the blog …

the youngest has been bugging me for weeks to spend the $100 Toys R Us voucher she scored for her prize-winning Christmas card design.

I was a bit nervous about what on earth she’d find at Toys R Us because kids grow out of toys surprisingly early these days. At 10 years old she’s beyond just about everything the retailer sells.

It’s also a bugger to get to Toys R Us because our local store has closed and we’d need to drive over the bridge to the next closest one. I hate driving over the bridge, it’s such a hassle.

I decided it would be much easier to visit the store near my mum and dad’s place when we were up there visiting last weekend.

And I was delighted by how  retro the youngest went with her purchases. She got herself a Slip N Slide (with much agonising over whether to get the twin or triple lane model), a mini billiard table (oh the delight when she opened it in the car and discovered the perfectly miniaturised balls and cues) and a soft toy gift for one of her beloved cousins.

I was working from home yesterday, so I invited her skipping team over after their holiday practice session to take the Slip N Slide for a spin. It was supposed to be an “OK guys, have fun, don’t bother me for an hour or so” exercise, but it turned into a bit of a palaver as I didn’t have the right attachment for the hose to hook up to the Slip N Slide.

And then the eczema-affected youngest tipped out the whole $6 bottle of non-soap cleanser stuff I’d bought to slippery it up at once and started calling for more goo within five minutes.

There’s NO MORE GOO doofus, you were supposed to use it SPARINGLY.

I don’t think 10-year-olds do anything sparingly.

So we decided bugger it and went for regular dishwashing liquid. Itch itch, scratch scratch.

Much giggling and squealing ensued.

Then they hosed each other on the trampoline for a while, before moving indoors to play Twister and billiards.

Bless them.

Not an electronic device in sight.

We have a lazy day filled board games and walks planned for today: I’ve barely had any time with the kids these holiday between working and them being away.

(I feel a bit sad about that, but I know they’ve had a brilliant time.)

What are your plans for today?

Song of the day: Men at Work “Down Under”

4 thoughts on “Going the retro route

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  1. Taking my sister for a drive to view the spectacular Bass Coast in South Gippsland, with lunch overlooking the ocean on an overcast 19 degree day. Perfect!
    Happy Public Holiday! 😉

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