Naked tooth fairies

Someone Googled “Naked tooth fairy” yesterday and arrived at my blog.

I expect they were deeply disappointed by whatever they found.

There are no naked tooth fairy photos at Housegoeshome … or saucy tales about them.

Although, I did dress up (quite creatively) as Santa’s helper once … But that was just in real life – not everything I do makes it into the blog … ooops, it just did.

It’s a bit random that I’ve kicked off with the naked tooth fairy anecdote. I was checking my stats last night and it caught my eye.

I’d been feeling a bit/very tired and wondering what on earth to blog about today.

After seeing those three words, all I could think was Why the hell does someone want to see the tooth fairy naked? But then, American Presidents want golden showers … it’s a crazy old world we live in.

Other than that, yesterday was pretty uneventful.

I got square, sore eyes at work trying to be a serious business writer and reporting on the fallout from Mr Golden Showers dumping the Trans Pacific Partnership and China saying it was ready and waiting to lead the global economy if we’d like them to step up.

Things I never thought I’d EVER be writing about …

After work, I swung past my sister’s house with a couple of tray bakes for dinner to thank her for sharing her air-conditioning with the kids for the day.

I did my chicken one. Click here for the recipe.


And I tossed sausages and potato wedges and onion and tomatoes in garlicky olive oil in another tray.


While those trays baked and baked and baked and baked and baked some more, my sister and I shared a few glasses of wine and a chin wag as the youngest and my nephew played basketball in the pouring rain and hi-jinked in the pool, which may explain all the burnt bits in the sausage bake.

Then we headed home, where the kids disappeared to their respective rooms to listen to Spotify and read books.

And so the Teen Age begins.

Is there anything embarrassing in your Google search history? There was a corker in mine once that a bloke I fancied accidentally saw when he picked up my iPad to look something up. Eeeeek! But that’s a story for my other, secret blog …

That I haven’t launched yet … Spoilers …

(Nah, I’m not really starting a new blog, but I do wish sometimes I had a secret one to share all the not-suitable-for-Housegoeshome tales.)

Song of the day: Savage Garden “Affirmation”

PS: Ah, mystery belatedly solved by the “You might also like” selection of the blogs at the bottom of today’s one. I once wrote a post called “Sex and the tooth fairy” that had absolutely nothing to do with the tooth fairy having sex.



6 thoughts on “Naked tooth fairies

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  1. I’ve tried your chicken recipe and it’s delish!

    Totally boring domestic question: do you make the whole lot for eight?

    Or do you halve the recipe? Otherwise do you reheat the next day as leftovers? I’m always a bit thingy about reheating chicken so I need your solemn wisdom, oh domestic goddess. (Yes, I am developmentally stunted in the cooking dept.)

    1. Ooops, sorry Rebecca – mad week. You could definitely halve it, as the chook isn’t nearly as nice heated up the second night. I quite like doing the extra veg though and turning them into a risotto or pasta dish the next night.

      1. I halved it and we still had leftovers the next night with brown rice. It was amazing! I have quite a few of your recipes bookmarked. And husband has even made your chicken soup for me.

        I’m workshopping titles for your debut cook book:
        House Goes Home to Cook
        House Goes Home to Eat
        Alana’s Bulk Fun Tray Bakes

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