I haven’t felt able to blog over the past few days.

My mojo deserted me last week and with it went any desire or ability to tap out a post.

I’m pretty sure it’s chemical. I’m less than two months away from turning 49 and my body – and mind – is betraying me as it spirals into perimenopause. I’ve had PMT for three weeks and counting – my boobs are KILLING me and I’ve cried buckets.

My mum suggested I might be pregnant. That cheered me up.

Donald Trump isn’t helping either.

People say we shouldn’t worry because he’s in America and we’re in Australia and we’re safe and it doesn’t affect us and we’re only hearing half truths and and and …

But we’re NOT safe.

Not living in America isn’t going to save anyone from the fallout.

Remember this meme we all laughed at:


It’s a bit too real for me now. And ignorance is not bliss.

I know it’s overwhelming that our Facebook feeds have gone Trump crazy (sites are getting a little too excited by the click festival) – but at least it’s actual news for a change instead of some inane story about a Kardashian.

I was devastated to read about what is happening to Muslims and refugees in the US.

I was also incredibly heartened that when people heard about it – whether via the news or the papers or Facebook – they headed to the airports to protest. More importantly, lawyers went to the airports to HELP.

It’s no use putting our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away. We need to be informed and aware and horrified by the human rights violations. (Violations that don’t make the slightest bit of sense because the people responsible for mass killings in the US are invariably WHITE MEN.)

Ignoring it allows those in power think we don’t care. And that makes them think they have licence to continue with their madness.

I realised yesterday that I needed to write again. There were only so many tears that could be shed and I knew writing would help me feel less scared and alone. The moment I started typing, the tears dried.

It was such a relief to feel back in control of something, even if it was just my emotions.

Although, this popped up in my Facebook feed …


It reminded me not everyone cares for my ramblings.

But it helps to get them out of my overcrowded head.

Song of the day: John Lennon “Imagine”

10 thoughts on “Tongue-tied

  1. Glad you are typing again. I was in the “he is in America, we are in Australia” camp but have realised this is not sustainable. His stance and approach will definitely impact us as we are one of their allies. I have been disappointed by Mr Turnball (after having such high expectations) and I sincerely hope that the way he manages our relationship with the USA heartens my perspective of him. And if not, we have a voice, we can make ourselves heard like those protesting in America. Keep typing, use your medium for good, and see a specialist about your hormones – no one needs to have sore boobs for that long. Much love.

  2. “We need to be informed and aware and horrified by the human rights violations.”
    I couldn’t agree with you more however I personally feel that FB is not the place I get my news from and it bugs me the amount of fake news I see on it. Expressing outrage and disgust is fine but I’ve seen some malicious, ridiculous stuff and some of it seems hypocritical to me.

    I love that cartoon!

    • Yeah, it’s a bit overkill. I must admit, because of my job my newsfeed is quite newsy. And I spend far too much time searching newspaper websites for booze-related stories which exposes me to way too much scaremongering.

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