She cracks me up

My daughters are away for the week having BULK fun with their cousins.

The youngest has been sending me updates on her adventures and they’ve been a cack.

I see a career as a food Instagrammer in her future.

Here’s the first pic she sent me via her mini iPad …


Her gift to her cousins from her overseas trip had been colourful pasta, so they whipped up meatballs to have with it for their dinner.

The next night, she sent this pic …


That made me giggle. Especially when I got this the following day …


The healthy eating obviously didn’t last long … though I suppose 24 hours is an eternity in a little person’s world.

I miss the kids – I can’t wait to collect them on Saturday. The house is so quiet when they’re gone.

It doesn’t help that DD is away too. And his timezone sucks! Just as I’m going to sleep, he’s waking up. By mid-afternoon my time he’s back in bed again. It doesn’t leave much time for texting.

He’s also a bit too slammed for chitter chat. Travelling 24 hours to a conference that keeps him up until late each night and hauled him out of bed at 6am this morning for a meeting is taking its toll.

Poor DD. Poor me.

Fortunately, normal service resumes shortly. And a splash in the ocean cures most ills!

Song of the day: The Temptations “My girl”

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